The Answer – Everyday Demon (released 03/31)

I usually reserve my reviews for albums that I love. Mostly, because I don’t want to listen to crappy albums multiple times, but also because I want to stay positive unless the offending party just goes way to far from real, honest music.

Enter The Answer with “Everyday Demon”

I don’t know much about this band they call The Answer, and that’s just the way I like it. I envision bottles and bottles of hair spray, spandex and lots of high fives. Kind of like The Darkness, except terrible.

They can play their instruments, but a good band is not judged solely on its technical ability. Great music moves and shakes – it lives and breathes. The Answer just never gets there. They keep the changes tight and never approaches being unlistenable.

It just never approaches interesting either.

The bland, old heavy guitar riffs sound like the soundtrack to some cheesy 1980’s late night soft core porn movie – a subject I know absolutely nothing about. It just sounds like every bar band practicing in garages across the world.

Millions of bands exist. That’s millions upon millions of voices and notes. I understand that doing something new and groundbreaking might be tough, but this music becomes white noise after about 10 seconds. You have heard it all before.

This album misses the mark on so many levels. The vocals sound decent, but the occasional shriek, circa 1987, creeps in. The heavy guitars should please, but it just lacks any real power. It sounds thin and papery – even through all the crunch.

I will avoid the cheesy jokes – ok maybe just one. The Answer provides many questions, such as: “How can these guys suck so bad?” or “What year is it anyway?”

I give this album negative 1 stars.

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