Eminem is back!

Will Eminem return to his "shady" ways on his new album? I hope so.

Will Eminem return to his "shady" ways on his upcoming album, "Relapse?" I hope so.

One of my favorite blogs, Nah Right, had a press release about Eminem releasing his highly anticipated album, “Relapse.”

I’m a huge Em fan, but I am kind of worried about him releasing an album after being on hiatus for almost five years. Eminem is 36 years old and that’s almost ancient in the hip-hop world.

I know that Eminem, 50 Cent and Dr. Dre recently released the single “Crack a Bottle” that has been doing really well commercially, but it’s not one of their best collaborations.

Hopefully Em’s “Relapse” will be better than Jay-Z’s “Kingdom Come,” but I won’t bet on it.

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