The terrifying proposition of marriage


Ever ponder why the wedding day is considered the happiest day of one’s life? Because it’s all downhill from there.

I’m almost positive it’s normal for a man to be absolutely frightened of marriage. But maybe it’s just me.

The thought of commitment is a chilling proposition that I know is an inevitable one. If I want to be with a person, then the ultimate promise must be made. All I ask is, why?

Why must marriage be the only answer to a long-term relationship? Honestly, what is the difference between a couple married for 35 years compared to a couple living together for 35 years, minus the tag?

Since the beginning of civilization, it seems society has placed this thought into our heads that everybody must get married. Maybe the reason behind the majority of women stressing the idea of marriage comes from their childhood.

Women are brought up believing that a prince is going to rescue her and live happily ever after. Men grow up shooting toy guns and detesting the very sight of a girl (the cootie factor).

Unintentionally, I’ve learned marriage isn’t what it’s made out to be. Things change after that ceremony. Most of my closest friends have made the commitment in the past five years and they were never the same again. Pounds were put on, plans were broken and friendships were lost.

Something happens to the woman, too. The gavel is brought down and a sense of power overwhelms them, as if they own the One Ring. The wife transforms to the warden.

Marriage reminds me of a disease. Everybody gets it. The only question is when?

After years of watching friends and family drift away, one can only grow a bitterness and insecurity towards this topic. Although my parents have been married for more than 30 years, they can’t stand each other.

I’m not questioning the idea of being with the person you love and admire for the rest of your life. Love is a rare commodity that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

I hope I’m completely and utterly wrong about every sentence I’ve written.

In 10 years, I hope I’m married with kids. And, most importantly, I hope I’m happy.

Is that so much to ask, warden?

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