My Voice: Why everyone should get a cat in their twenties

Beemer the Cat (Nikki Neumann)
Beemer the Cat (Nikki Neumann)

Cats are one of the most independent animals you can own yet still love and hold. Everyone should own at least one cat in their twenties. 

Cats are special animals that rely on you to only feed them and change their litter box.

They occasionally will show you attention by forcefully running their head into yours or wake you up from a deep sleep, just to remind you their half-empty food bowl needs to be filled to the rim. 

Cats will jump to the highest heights and will perch in the weirdest locations. Once they come to the realization that the weird location they chose is way too high, your cat will meow loudly as you run to their beck and call to help them down with just a few nails in your arms.

Nearly seven out of ten cats are euthanized in shelters due to the lack of space for them. Adopting a cat will not only fulfill your lonely needs but you will also be saving a life. 

Getting a cat is fairly cheap and easy. Adopting a cat is also a great way to make a difference and a great conversation topic with other cat-loving friends. Cats are everywhere and are in need of homes.

Cats are the best animal to have in your twenties. You can go to class or do your irregular work schedule and they will probably still be asleep by the time you come home. 

With your busy twenty-something-year-old lifestyle, there will always be ups and downs. Whether it is working too many hours at a minimum wage job, receiving a poor grade on a test, or another breakup, your cat will be there in support of your bad days and celebrate with you for the good ones.

Bonzo the Cat (Nikki Neumann)
Bonzo the Cat (Nikki Neumann)

Cats can add major excitement to someone’s dull life. They inspire your random bursts of energy to clean your entire apartment in the middle of the night by just making a mess in their food bowl. They never argue with you and always agree to late-night ice cream.

After feeding them their decadent salmon puree, they will lay on the top of your chest giving you loud purrs, reminding you how thankful they are of you. After the short and quick thank you, they will go back to not needing your help until next feeding time. 

Having a cat gives you a responsibility that’s good for everybody. For example, it gives you the push to get home at a decent time so your cat doesn’t have to spend the night alone. 

The cat reminds you to regularly clean your apartment when you notice a weird stench engulfing it, and forces you to care for someone other than yourself. 

Adopt a cat and fulfill your twenty-something lifestyle to the fullest. Your cat will always be there to keep you company and give you just a little more responsibility in your day to day life.

Nikki Neumann

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