New Year, New Goals! Becoming The Best You Can Be

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Every new year, people set new goals for themselves. It is likely that one has heard the expression, “New Year, New Me!” but what does it mean?

Everyone hopes for new broadening experiences or better life experiences. It is believed that the start of the new year is the best time to pursue self-improvement whether it be through trying new activities and getting out of their comfort zone with some sort of new style.

In order to accomplish the new you for the new year, making a list seems like the easiest way to keep up with New Year’s resolutions.

If you want to get into shape, eat healthier, become more confident and active, learn to be happier and stress free, or even pick up useful skills or hobbies, making a list makes you determined.

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Downloading apps in the app store can help people keep their News Year’s resolutions with reminders. Whether it is with an alarm or a regular notification that tells you that you need to work on something, there is a slight change towards your goal. 

Although sometimes plans will not work out, the fact that you put in work still means a lot because it shows that you know what goals you want to work towards. 

Everything will not fall into place the first time you want to do something new. Realistically, it takes anywhere from multiple months to a year for things to come into place.

But, if you do not feel happy after doing so many things on your list then it is time for a broader change. With that being said, you should go in a new direction that you might have never taken before.

There are times when you might slip up and fall back into your old ways and that is inevitable. Yet, one thing you should never do when you slip up is blame yourself. All you need to do is reflect and try again.

Just keep trying and you will make it to where you want to be with no problems. 

Tyasia Waters

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