• Tue. May 28th, 2024

Have you ever wondered why your car offers you so much peace & serenity, all while providing horrible gas mileage? The car itself may not be providing you with such feelings but the confinement within it does.

Cars take you destination to destination, mile after mile, but just sitting in the car alone can take you somewhere else. Whether you become the background singer for your favorite artist by singing along to the radio or become a therapist for your best friend who is sobbing while you drive. 

Your car provides you with an opportunity to go anywhere, both mentally and physically. 

It starts with purchasing your first car and getting a hold of the keys you’ve been dreaming of since the 8th grade. The idea of being able to sneak out of the house for the first time that’s not walking distance or go to a late Steak ‘n Shake run with friends who only hang out with you because you’re the first one to be able to drive in the “group.” 

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Even good bois like car rides. (Flickr/matt)

You get in your car and can immediately burst into tears because you’re finally alone after a long day, but everyone outside your car can still see that you are clearly crying. There’s times when you are in your car with a group of friends and you’ll all belt out the lyrics of “Truth Hurts” by Lizzo, knowing you would never do that in any other public setting. 

Within the walls of your own car, there is a certain sense of confidence that comes with it. Whether it be the sweet escape of picking your nose at a red light or finishing the week old Olive Garden breadsticks that probably should have been thrown away and not left in the backseat of your car.

This sense of confidence and control can sometimes take a negative turn. Whether it be yelling and screaming when an old lady drives just a few miles under the speed limit or the road rage that kicks in when someone abruptly cuts you off causing you to slam on the breaks. 

This confidence exists within the car and stops as soon as you exit. For some folks, the confines of their car gives them the confidence to cat-call. Quit that.

For anyone who may need a different kind of car confidence, here are some tips on how to drive with confidence. (YouTube/Helpful DIY)

The peace in your car allows you to feel so calm and at rest that you can take an hour-long nap in the Sinclair parking garage on your lunch break, surrounded by all of the ongoing construction. 

This peace exists because the fact remains that your car can take you anywhere, at any time. You can be completely alone, surrounded by friends or family, or even chauffeuring strangers around as a side job, but the peace still remains when you are in control of your destination and surroundings.

Nikki Neumann