Reverend Janglebones’ Soapbox: UFO’s. Yes, Really.

I know, it sounds silly, but everything is silly until it’s not. Last Sunday, the New York Times published an article about several incidents that were recently made public. These incidents were recorded by the Navy off of our U.S. east coast and feature some large airborne vessels that move in ways contrary to the confines of the laws of physics.

In one incident, a military plane nearly collided with one of these strange crafts and an official incident report had to be made.

They leave no emissions or carbon trail whatsoever, change directions in ways that wind resistance should make impossible and apparently boil the ocean when they get close to it.

(KTS Design / Science Photo Library / Getty Images)

They show up on radar, but cannot be seen with the human eye, except for in the instance of the near-miss, when the close proximity of the unknown aircraft enabled the pilot to see a “sphere encasing a cube” whizzing by his cockpit only feet from his face.

This instance, due to the danger posed to the pilots, was what convinced them these were not top secret US military drones, because they would have had the safety of the pilots well in mind. This was the final factor in the decision to make a public incident report.

I have to say how completely overjoyed I am for every believer out there who has been ridiculed for their refusal to rule out that which seems impossible.

(Peter-Lomas / Pixabay)

Forgive me, but I’m going to get philosophical for a second; We do live in a world, quite literally, full of things that were once thought impossible. It stands to reason that this trend suggests that a belief in that which seems impossible is, in actuality, more rational than not.

That is not to suggest we should believe in anything at all without reason, but the belief in that which has been documented and announced in a reputable and citable national news outlet and made public by the military is, arguably, pretty rational by any measure.

Second, I would like to say how completely terrifying this all is to me. If you watch the video, pay close attention to the voices of the Navy officers. They are truly astonished and it gives me the chills.

An “Inside Edition” report on the video. (YouTube)

There is no reason to believe this is extraterrestrial. For all we know this could be Amazon’s new Precognitive Orders Delivery Drone Division. Or maybe it’s the sentient robots of our future come back to warn us of our self-imposed demise.

Maybe they’re angels. I’m not ruling anything out here because assumptions always obscure the truth, but it is good to imagine and there’s no denying that this is, indeed, really happening.

One of the possible UFOs that was spotted by Navy pilots. (Screen captured from YouTube)

There is technology that we cannot fathom flying around off the Florida coast and nearly crashing into our planes. They can hear, and understand, our coordinate transmissions (as explained in a related article from 2017) and they don’t abide by the same laws of physics as our own flying machines.

I for one am going to heavily implore my imagination while taking it for a grain of salt, but I’ll admit this is alarming.

Admitting that it’s for sure not our own country flying these things is something to think upon for certain, but I’ll end up inevitably doing the same thing I always do in the combining of my nature with the rapture of a mystery: Plan for the worst and hope for the best.

Brian Yoder

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