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Sept. 12: The NFL offseason is sometimes just as exciting as the regular campaign, and this offseason was full of controversy and roster moves. Check out this recap of the madness.
August 8: Dayton was hit by tragedy, as a mass shooter killed nine and injured 27 after opening fire in the Oregon District. Here is a recap of what happened that night and the aftermath since.
August 1: God of War is a beloved PlayStation franchise that has been wowing players for 15 years. One Clarion writer is playing the games for the first time and giving his thoughts exclusively on the Clarion website.
July 30: Ashley Brown’s latest article looks at the issues survivors of sexual assault face on a daily basis. Some of these issues are easily seen, while others are a private struggle.
July 22: Asexuality is sometimes stigmatized and isn’t understood by everyone. In this piece, we take a look at what it means to be asexuals and some of the common misconceptions surrounding them.
July 17: With the controversy surrounding the passing of “Heartbeat bills” in several states (including Ohio), the Clarion staff takes a look at the court decision that has been the standard for protecting our rights to the privacy of our bodies.
July 11: The trailblazing U.S. Women’s soccer team won their 4th World Cup. However, the team isn’t resting on their laurels and are looking to get a raise in pay comparable to the men’s team.
July 9: E-cigarette use has skyrocketed within the teenage demographic. This has caused a lot of controversy, and reporter Yasel Rosado got the opinions of several Sinclair students in response.