• Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

The International Peace Museum partnered with the Levitt Pavilion for a surprise concert at its Downtown venue. Given its message of spreading peace and raising awareness on important issues, the two were a perfect complement for the many attendees. 

Kevin Kelly, Executive Director of the Peace Museum, said, “The Levitt Pavilion regularly hosts close-up events that are secret and open only to people who buy tickets the day before it takes place. They know the zip code but that’s about it. We were chosen as one of the venues and its an exciting opportunity to show off our space and welcome more people to the museum.”

“We’ve been here for just a year and a half, and, as a result some people are still getting used to our location. Events like this are great because they complement our mission of bringing people together. These seats sold out in 20 minutes and it’s an exciting opportunity to share our space with three different musical genres,” Kelly added.

The museum was an ideal venue for the performance, complementing music’s ability to bring people from all walks of life together. No matter who you are or where you’re from, music is a universal language that speaks to us all and what better two things to combine than music and a museum about peace?

Few spaces in Dayton are as warm and intimate as the International Peace Museum. Bands took full advantage of its cozy atmosphere. Photo Credit: Breanna Gambill

Kelly said, “We want people to know about us. I can’t think of a better time to have a discussion about peace and about getting along with people. We have a very politically charged atmosphere with an election coming in less than a year. So, we our collaborating with Levitt and other partners to let people know that there are alternatives to war and violence.”

“We work with a lot of young people and we have a program called Peace 101. In its curriculum we work on introducing K-12 people to concepts such as peace, equity, fairness, and compassion,” Kelly said.

With an amazing event bringing people to the museum, lovers of music were treated to a wonderful, spacious and tranquil venue. It was an evening full of light, love, and compassion many will carry with them.

Breanna Gambill, Intern