• Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

It doesn’t get more ‘anime’ than robots, conspiracies, and heart-pumping action. Yet even with that in mind, “Pluto” is something special, representing so much more than your standard show. That it was adapted from Naoki Urasawa’s manga of the same name should be indicative of that fact: in his decades of experience, the maestro has yet to produce a single flop. “Monster”, “Master Keaton”, “20th Century Boys”, and “Billy Bat” are just a few of his works regarded as some of the greatest in the medium.

The story is carried by a unique murder mystery plot set in the far future: robots are a regular feature of society, have rights, and can even adopt children. Yet despite being accepted by most of humanity, these changes have not been made without controversy. Anti-robot hate groups have sprung up and someone is going around killing the most advanced members of the species in the world. Enter Europol Detective Gesicht. 

He’s efficient, married, and also happens to be a robot himself. As he falls down a rabbit hole hunting for an unbelievably powerful killer, Gesicht discovers a wide-ranging criminal conspiracy that ties the serial murders to a war in the Middle East, international politics, and a fight for the very future of the planet. 

Like most adaptations of Urasawa’s work, the mangaka’s art style and strong writing are carried over faithfully. Each of the series’ eight episodes is full of tension and world-building that unfolds like a very carefully wound web. The smooth animation has an almost classic feel to it, which the show’s incorporation of CGI complements. 

Pluto is an anime made for people that love good storytelling, animation, and suspense. If that sounds like you, what’re you waiting for? Give Studio M2’s latest hit a shot as soon as you can and prepare for an emotional, thrilling ride. 

Ismael David Mujahid, Executive Editor

(Featured Image from Netflix)