Spook-tacular Extravaganza

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Good evening, all you ghouls and goblins! Yes, that wondrous time has finally come upon us once more. Abound, the full moon brilliantly shines amongst the stars. A warm light flickers within jack-o-lanterns of various sizes and expressions. It is the time of year when we adorn our fluffy friends in the cutest of costumes much to our amusement and their horror. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Spook-Tacular Extravaganza. Nine pets stand before me, yet only one may be crowned. Good luck, everyone!

Image courtesy of Ayzha Middlebrooks

Starting our kooky, spooky extravaganza, we have Miss Maui. Maui enjoys playing with her toys, an assortment of balls, stuffed mice, elephants, and even a bird on a string she once stole. Likewise, she is a speedy feline, for she loves to be chased according to Ayzha Middlebrooks. 

As a spider-cat, Maui knows that with great power comes great responsibility. Maui said, “Mommy! You can’t catch me now, because I have eight legs on MY costume!” 

She is fierce. She is a queen. I am living for her. Work, Ms. Maui! 
10/10 Treats

Image courtesy of Richard Foltz

Moving on, we have these two stylish gentlemen, Ludo and Laurence, serving some truly sickening accessories.

Image courtesy of Richard Foltz

Obsessive, but loving and also probably a goblin. Laurence slays in his little blue and white pajamas! 

Laurence is a big fan of Three Dog Night and Steppenwolf, but he hates The Stray Cats. Likewise, his favorite movie is “Dog Day Afternoon”. He has no idea what it’s about, but he likes the title. 
10/10 tennis balls.

Image courtesy of Richard Foltz

Stoic, sweet, and possibly a samurai. Here, we have the impeccable Ludo. 

Now, Ludo did not have to serve this hard. I mean, c’mon! Just look at how boop-able that nose is! 

Honey, props to Ludo for showing the judges versatility! He looks absolutely stunning in a red, checker print headscarf.
10/10 Boops.

Image courtesy of Richard Foltz

Make no mistake about it. Rose is a lady, through and through. In every way, shape, and form, she is sophisticated, elegant, and distinguished. 

Rose is killing it in her stylish pink outfit! You know, it was actually Miss Rose who said, “On Wednesdays, we wear pink.” 

Never change, Rose.
10/10 Wagging Tails

Image courtesy of Taylor Pendleton

Continuing, we have Bufford T. Justice. In his free time, when he is not indulging in the sounds of Hank Williams Sr. and having his tummy rubbed, he likes to sleep on the feet of his humans.

He is a rootin-tootin’, sharp-shootin’ doggo that loves treats and ear scratches. 

Bufford said, “Cowboy? Honey, more like ‘Good boy.’” 
10/10 Yee-Haws

Image courtesy of Holly Cousino

A noted “connoisseur of dirty socks,” Gus is also an expert when it comes to pizza! His love for pizza is as great as his pizza-detecting skills. As Holly Cousino illustrates, Gus can “[sniff] out the pizza delivery person when he is walking in the neighborhood.” 

Gus, too, is a spooky spider with the fluffiest ears I have ever laid my eyes upon. Above all, Gus is a very good boy.
10/10 Good Boys.

Images courtesy of Jessica Graue

Incoming! Two hot dogs approaching, or are they Sadie and Audrey of Clan Graue?! Yes, these adorably chic sisters are simply stunning audiences, sporting the latest in fashion from none other than Oscar…Mayer Weiner.

Effortlessly marvelous and stylish. Right on, Audrey and Sadie!
10/10 Floopy Ears

Image courtesy of Jeri Hensley

Up next, we have Levi. Asides from being the cutest dinosaur ever, Levi is, in fact, a corgi and golden retriever mix. He enjoys car rides, having his ears scratched, and consuming Chick Fil A chicken nuggets.

Fellas, better keep an eye out for this heartbreaker. Otherwise, Levi just might capture your significant other’s heart with a single word: “Rawr XD.”

10/10 Chicken Nuggets

Now, the time has come. Our furry contestants have showcased a great deal of wonder, awesomeness, and genius. However, only one may be crowned, and after much deliberation amongst my fellow judge, Annie, as shown here:

Image courtesy of Maxwell Patton

Our choice has been made. 

The winner is…

Everyone!  These kings and queens shine beautifully in their own marvelous, individual way. Let us spread the festivities, and importantly, treats around! 

A warm thank you to everyone who sent in their animal photos. Please have a safe, warm and happy Halloween!

Taylor Pendleton
Managing Editor

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