A History of Romance, Chemical Romance

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The emo era is rising from the dead as the beloved pop-punk band “My Chemical Romance” announced their revival tour near the end of Jan. 2020. The band got together in 2001 and broke up in 2013, creating a massive cult following for over a decade. Now that they’re back, fans eagerly await for a setlist to find out if the band’s creating new music, or if they’ll just be renewing the emo-alternative classics that gained them their fame. 

A list of cities MCR will be touring this year via Twitter.com.

“My Chemical Romance” always consisted of brothers Gerard and Mikey Way, with Ray Toro and Frank Iero later joining them. The band has always expressed a dark and alternate way of music and style that captivated fans in the 2000s. They found inspiration in classic horror films, as well as similar punk-bands in the industry like Green Day and Iron Maiden. 

It wasn’t until 2004 when their music took off with the release of their second album “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge.” The 2004 album currently holds platinum rankings in three different countries, having 3x platinum in the United States and gold ranking in multiple countries worldwide as well. The album held rankings on nine different music charts across the country in 2004 and also holds a spot on US Rolling Stone Top 200 in 2019. 

While “Three Cheers” established the band’s rise in popularity, their third album “The Black Parade” is arguably what got the New York Times to call them “one of the best rock bands in America.” Everyone and their emo cousin have heard at least one song off their most popular album whether it be “Teenagers,” “Famous Last Words” or “Welcome to the Black Parade.” Combined, these three songs have over half a billion streams on the music streaming app Spotify alone

The popularity of “The Black Parade” lead My Chemical Romance to be in the top spot on three music charts across the country, holding places on 25 international charts, not to mention the eight platinum titles held internationally with 3x platinum titles in Europe, The U.S., and the U.K. 

That grand 2006 album is what continues to keep My Chemical Romance on the radio and in the books. It was a commercial success that reached millions of people, which is why it shocked the public when they announced their break up in 2013, three years after their fourth album “Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys” which included another hit song, “Sing”. 

The band breaking up didn’t lead to their downfall as their albums and music continued to rank on charts up to 2019. Although they stuck to their sound, their music continued to reach all kinds of people who could relate to their metaphors and messages. 

Their loyal fanbase is what kept their music alive through the 6 years of calling it quits, which is why it was no surprise that Earth’s punk-rock core was shaken when they re-appeared at the end of January this year. Tickets for their revival tour went on sale on January 31st and have sold out all 18 venues in less than a week. The numbers speak volumes as each venue caters to around 20,000 people. 

No matter if the band chooses to continue their alt music journey after the tour, one thing’s for sure that they’ll be remembered as one of America’s greatest rock bands of all time.

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