A Harry Styles Update

After the lengthy disappearance of actor, musician and ex-boy band member Harry Styles, the world is left pondering his whereabouts. Luckily, to clue us in on his happenings, Styles has simply tweeted, “Do.”

As one can imagine, fans have contrived a vast array of theories as to what this mysterious tweet could possibly mean. These theories range from far-fetched ideas such as marriage proposals to even the return of One Direction.

One of the more prominent theories has to do with speculations of an upcoming album. Many fans have spotted signs in LA that are broadcasting the phrase, “Do You Know Who You Are,” with the stamp of his record label on it. Also spotted on these posters was one of Styles’ signature phrases, “Treat People with Kindness” or “TPWK” for short. This could possibly hint at the title of Styles’ second album.

Others ventured to guess that this enigmatic tweet was Styles’ way of telling his fans to “do” something nice on Oct. 5, which just so happens to be national “Do Something Nice” day.

 Why couldn’t he have just said “Hey everyone, do something nice for someone on this holiday!” you may ask? Well, we may never know. But undoubtedly it is always a good thing to do nice things for people. So maybe we should listen to this advice, even if it isn’t from Styles. 

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In other Styles news, the 25-year-old now has new music for us all to be wowed by. However, as the majority of pop-culture knows, his musical journey wasn’t always as a solo artist.

Styles is an ex-member of popular boy band One Direction. After their break in January of 2016, which began with Zayn Malik’s departure in May of 2015, the boys began releasing music individually starting in 2017. Styles released his first album, self-titled “Harry Styles,” as a solo artist on May 12 of 2017.

 Now, after a two-year hiatus, he is back with his new single, “Lights Up.”  This song was released on Oct. 11 and needless to say, everyone is freaking out. It has R&B influences and many people say that it has a Tame Impala vibe to it.

As it turns out, the poster board phrase, “Do You Know Who You Are?” is not the title of anything (so far) but it is incorporated in the chorus lyrics to “Lights Up.” 

To go along with this new release, we have also received a very risqué music video to accompany it. It features Styles, with all of his tattoos visible, surrounded by scarcely clothed men and women. To quote Styles, this song is all about “sex and being sad”. 

Although everyone has their haters, Styles has been overwhelmingly well-liked since the beginning. From his One Direction days to his debut album, his incredible skill has been evident. While we are all happy about his return, we are even more excited about his upcoming music and how he will continue to inspire people through his talent.

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