WWE Raw Review 4/22/19

This past week, Raw emanated from Des Moines, Iowa. The landscape of Raw forever changed last week due to the Superstar Shake-Up. New faces have made their way to Monday nights and look at new opportunities in front of them.

Who is going to be the first of these new faces to make a statement and show why the future of Raw runs through them?

Raw kicks off with the Chief Operating Officer of WWE Triple H. However, before he could speak out came the Universal Champion and Iowa’s own Seth Rollins. Triple H gives Seth his props for slaying and defeating Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania.

However, he states the landscape has changed. The landscape of Monday Night Raw has been shaken to its core. Now that Seth Rollins is the Universal Champion, he is now a target. Superstars are gunning for the Universal Championship.

Seth understands that Money in the Bank and what it brings. Triple H however reminds that Seth will defend the Universal Championship at Money in the Bank. However, who will the challenger be?

That is why there will be two triple threat matches to determine the new challenger. The winners of the two triple threats will meet in the main event where the winner will challenge Seth Rollins at Money in the Bank for the Universal Champion.

All 6 possible challengers: Samoa Joe, Rey Mysterio, Drew McIntyre, The Miz, Baron Corbin and AJ Styles all came out to state their claim on why they are deserving challengers to Seth Rollins’ Universal Championship. However, Seth is ready for any challenge that is put in his way.

Samoa Joe v. Rey Mysterio v. AJ Styles: Winner Advances to Main Event

In the first triple threat match of the night, three former SmackDown stars look to make a statement and head to the main event to possibly challenge Seth Rollins at Money in the Bank.

Each man knew the opportunity on the table. That is why they gave everything in their arsenal to try to pick up the victory and head to the main event. Rey Mysterio looked to be closing in on the victory after hitting the 619 on Samoa Joe.

He then attempted to hit a hurricanrana on AJ but AJ countered and hit a Styles Clash on Rey onto Samoa Joe and pinned Joe for the victory. AJ Styles is heading to the main event to potentially have a shot at Seth Rollins and the Universal Championship.

Naomi v. Billie Kay

Last week, Naomi made her way to Raw due to the Superstar Shake-Up. Her debut on Raw was successful as she and Bayley defeated the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions The IIconics. The IIconics looked for revenge on Naomi because now she stands alone as Bayley went to SmackDown.

The IIconics looked to use the numbers game against Naomi to pick up the easy victory.  However, Naomi was able to use the numbers game against The IIconics and roll up Billie Kay for the win. That is now back to back wins over the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions for Naomi.

The Miz v. Baron Corbin v. Drew McIntyre: Winner Advances to Main Event

Now it’s time for the second triple threat match where three more superstars look to capitalize on the opportunity to face Seth Rollins.

These three look to be one step closer to trying to gaining a monumental opportunity at Money in the Bank and challenge Rollins for the Universal Championship.

Like the first triple threat, these three gave everything in their heart to try to capitalize on opportunity. These three put on a very impressive match to try to head to the main event with AJ Styles. They know what is at stake and do not want to lose this opportunity.

Drew McIntyre looked to close in victory after hitting the Claymore on The Miz, but Baron was able to throw Drew out of the ring and pin The Miz for the win.

Baron Corbin now goes on to the main event to challenge AJ Styles where the winner goes on to Money in the Bank to challenge Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship.

Sami Zayn Preaches the Truth to the WWE Universe

Over the past few weeks, Sami Zayn has gone out of his way to lash out at the WWE Universe. He feels that the WWE Universe has been telling a lie about who Sami Zayn truly is. He feels that the WWE Universe gave a false narrative that Sami Zayn became bitter during his 10 month absence.

However, he showed through images on why Sami is the happiest he has ever been. That is why he showed the root of why Sami Zayn felt his anger and frustration and that is with the WWE Universe. After more bashing, he concluded the same way he has the last two weeks by telling the WWE Universe to go to Hell.

Cedric Alexander v. Cesaro

One of the best young talents coming from 205 Live, Cedric Alexander returns to Raw and looks to make a big statement against former Tag Team Champion Cesaro.

Each man looked very impressive, but it was experience that took over. Cesaro was able to use his experience to win a very competitive match. Cesaro sent a very strong message to the Raw locker room and put them on notice.

Could this move for Cesaro be the opportunity he has been looking for to make a name for himself?

Lucha House Party v. The Viking Raiders

Last week, The Viking Raiders made their debut on Raw and sent a impactful and painful message to the Tag Teams on Raw. Now Erik & Ivar look to send another message and step closer towards the Raw Tag Team Championships.

Before the match could even begin, The Viking Raiders destroyed the Lucha House Party and left them laying in a heap. It was pure domination and yet another message sent to the Raw Tag Team division. Are the Viking Raiders on a mission to the Raw Tag Team Championships?

Becky Lynch v. Alicia Fox

Becky 2 Belts has made her way to Raw for competition. After figuring out her first challenger in Lacey Evans, Becky looks to make a statement heading towards Money in the Bank.

Before the match began, Becky Lynch and Lacey Evans exchanged words back and forth before their upcoming match at Money in the Bank. Becky promises that she is going to knock the head off Lacey Evans at Money in the Bank and continue the journey to proving Becky is the Man.

Once the match began, Becky took control over Alicia Fox. Becky was able to pick up the win in a decent contest. However, immediately after the match, Becky was leveled by Lacey Evans from out of nowhere.

Ricochet v. Robert Roode

The Superstar Shake-Up did lots to shake up the WWE. Ricochet now goes it alone as he takes on Robert Roode. Yes, Bobby Roode is no longer Bobby, he is now the more sophisticated, more glorious Robert Roode with an eery looking mustache.

After a tough and hard hitting match, Robert Roode was able to hit the Glorious DDT for the win. The new and improved Robert Roode seems to be off to the right start.

The Firefly Fun House

For weeks, there have been cryptic messages showing up on Raw & SmackDown. Most figured it was Bray Wyatt and they were right.

However, Bray Wyatt returned in a way no one would have expected, as a happy go lucky kids show host. He came out and showed that they were all puppets. Bray Wyatt stated he was set to put the evil behind him.

Baron Corbin v. AJ Styles: Winner Faces Seth Rollins at Money in the Bank

It is now time for the main event where two men will step in the ring with opportunity in their vision. The winner will go onto Money in the Bank to challenge Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship.

Baron Corbin tried to steal the win like he did earlier in the night, but AJ did not let that happen. He was able to level Baron with the Phenomenal Forearm to pin and punch his ticket to Money in the Bank.

It is now set. For the first time ever match in WWE, Seth Rollins will take on AJ Styles for the Universal Championship.


This Raw was all over the road but in a good way. New faces in a new place. Also, familiar faces changing their characters like Robert Roode & Bray Wyatt.

This was a weird episode of Raw but we the WWE Universe are getting Seth Rollins versus AJ Styles, arguably two of the best in the WWE squaring off for the Universal Championship. The new Raw is going to take some time to understand the new landscape of Monday Nights.

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