Tartan Spotlight: Marita Abrams

(Nikki Neumann)

Professor Marita Abrams is a hard-working and dedicated woman, devoted to becoming a great role model for her 8-year-old daughter and for every single one of her students. 

Professor Abrams grew up in the city of Flint, Michigan. As a young girl she knew she wanted to get out of the city and make something of herself and take her life by the reigns. Professor Abrams attended Albion College which is a private liberal arts school that at the time only had fifty minority students including herself. She graduated with her Bachelors in Pre-med with an emphasis in Biology.

With little money and no job, Abrams moved to Kettering, Ohio in 2008 in hopes of something new and inspiring. Within the first two weeks of living in Ohio, she landed a job as an environmental scientist with the company TestAmerica. TestAmerica is an environmental testing laboratory which she worked there for two years. 

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 She then went back to school in 2011 and went into the Clinical Laboratory Science program at Wright State University. In a change of events Professor Abrams discovered she was pregnant. 

Knowing she had other priorities to attend to, she dropped the program. This decision ultimately brought her many blessings. During this time she found her passion in teaching. 

Abrams finished her masters at Wright State University that focused on anatomy and physiology and accepted a position at Sinclair Community College. Professor Abrams has been teaching at Sinclair Community College for eight years. 

She first got hired as an instructor in 2011 then received her first promotion as an assistant professor in 2015. In the year of 2016, she was given the title as one of the youngest professors in the United States to receive tenure.

Professor Abrams has recently been promoted to associate professor. Professor Abrams is not only an inspiring teacher but also a hardworking student. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Higher Education Leadership with Ferris State University. Professor Abrams continues to take great strides to learn new material every day.


 Professor Abrams helps her students find their underlying potential by pushing them in her classes. Professor Abrams wants her students to learn what they can do and what they love to do by taking her class. 

Professor Abrams is passionate about biology, working out, being a role model and listening to her “atman.” Atman is the idea of listening to your inner self and not going away from that “gut” feeling.

 She believes deeply in the idea that nothing lasts forever. Having this mindset allows her to push through the hard times and not take the good times for granted. She pushes herself to be a great role model for her daughter and her students by doing what she teaches. She always practices what she preaches by bringing biology into her everyday life. 

Abrams has an energy all professors should have. She is ready to inspire every single person she comes in contact with and for anything that will inspire her. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to our school and community.

Nikki Neumann

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