Sinclair Sets the Longest Table

On Wednesday, Oct. 2, Sinclair held The Longest Table event in the courtyard outside of Building 7 from 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.

The goal and concept of the event is for those attending to talk to different people that they normally wouldn’t in an effort to bring people out of their comfort zone and gain knowledge and appreciation of other cultures and perspectives.

Michael Carter, Chief Diversity Officer at Sinclair, has helped make The Longest Table event possible this year.

This wasn’t the college’s first time hosting the event. Last year it was hosted on 3rd Street but they had to move it indoors, due to weather concerns. Carter was glad the weather worked out in his favor this year, and he is planning to continue putting together The Longest Table every year.

Various foods compatible with any diet were provided for students and faculty to eat while mingling. There were questions posted at each table to serve as conversation starters. 

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There were basic questions like “What is your dream vacation?” “Where do you live?” or “Do you have a pet?”

As people began to arrive the whole table got filled up and there were a lot of people talking. At one point, it was so loud people were screaming their questions at each other. It was rather humorous.

 “It’s better than sitting at a desk, and it is an interesting concept to bring people together,” said Jarrett Dickey.

Music played as the soundtrack for several conversations between students and staff continued. Those that attended enjoyed the laid back atmosphere and look forward to coming back when The Longest Table returns.

Many people ventured from all over campus to attend this lovely lunch
(Photos by Brian Walker)

Trish Burke, the coordinator of Academic Advising, recommended Sinclair “do it every year.” She also brought her daughter and it was her first time being on campus.

Despite the immense heat in October, people still came to the table for food and friendly conversation, which is no doubt a win for the Diversity Department.

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