Featured Artist: Christina Hartzell

Only 1 year ago, Christina Hartzell had been newly fired from her full time job in retail and was looking for options. Challenged by her boyfriend, she decided to go out on a limb and start a full time photography business. She gave it 2 weeks and quickly found herself booking photo shoots for every single day. And thus Christina Joy Photography was launched.


Christina Hartzell is a student in Business Management and Entrepreneurship at Sinclair with a flourishing, professional photography business. Hartzell is 100% self taught in her craft and has been running her freelance business since 2015. She makes her work personal and intimate by meeting and getting to know her clients prior to their photo shoots, allowing the experience to be comfortable and fun for both artist and client. This past summer she spent a month touring 5 different states across the country for photo shoots and marketing her brand. Hartzell now makes more income than her previous job offered and is able to balance work and school responsibilities by setting her own work schedule.

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Dayton born and raised, Sinclair was an easy choice for Hartzell when it came to considering college in high school. She is enthusiastic about the amazing professors and quality of education that she has been able to experience for the affordable cost of tuition.



After graduation, Hartzell, with her boyfriend, an architect and fellow Sinclair student, plans to use her Entrepreneurship degree to launch a new, Dayton-based company that focuses on building and selling tiny houses. She intends to maintain her photography business and to evolve its focus into photographing destination weddings and elopements.


If you’re interested in booking Christina Hartzell, check out her website, Facebook, and Instagram for more info.


Website: christinahartzell.com
Instagram: christinajoyh
Facebook: Christina Joy Photography


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