Tartan Spotlight: Bailey Galbraith

Bailey Galbraith is a cashier for Sinclair’s Building 10 Center Café. She started working there during the first week of fall semester, which also happens to be when she began studying at Sinclair as a student.

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At the café, Galbraith stocks the snacks and drinks as well as maintains the coffee makers. The coffee at the café is currently Stumptown but they also offer a few bottled drink options such as bottled Starbucks frappuccinos.

 Employees at the café are required to ground the coffee and roast it then place it out on the table so that customers can pour it themselves and make it how they please. In addition to the self serve coffee, there are also lattes, cappuccinos and Americano espresso brews that customers can order.

Galbraith’s favorite part of working at the café is the genuinely kind individuals who interact with her rather than just coming and going as quickly as possible. She also likes the pumpkin spice donuts.

Outside of working in the café, Galbraith is a Sinclair student, currently working on her general education requirements, hoping to graduate within the next three years. While she is undecided in regards to her major or career, she is considering both cosmetology and communications and is open to other possibilities.

 Her free time is preferably spent making herself busy whether it be hanging out with friends or listening to music, she likes to constantly be doing something.

She believes in the importance of worrying about one’s self and one’s own happiness and told me that people should “do things that make them happy and if they aren’t happy doing it, don’t do it.” 

In terms of her passions, Galbraith cares deeply for women’s and LGBTQ rights and strongly believes in the power of simply being a decent human being.

Bailey enjoys serving any and all patrons who stop by the Café (Photo by Hannah Shafer)

She hopes to one day live in Oregon and also hopes that the Center Café will have more tea options as well as the possibility for iced coffee in the future.

For those interested in visiting the Building 10 Center Café, its hours of operation are Monday through Thursday from 7:30 a.m.-10 p.m. and Friday from 7:30 a.m-1 p.m.

Hannah Shafer

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