• Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

We love to bring everyone’s attention to the new clubs and organizations at our college. Recently Sinclair has added a new organization to the mix, and it is for our science majors. Newly added American Chemistry Society (ACS) Sinclair Chapter.

This organization is for any science major that has to take chemistry courses. They recently became official in April, and are looking for new members. 

The ACS is an organization that has many benefits to joining. It is an organization that allows you to further your chemistry knowledge, and expand upon your community. There are annual gatherings for nationwide members, and collaboration between student chapters and local denominations. 

Photo provided by Faith Harrell

The president, Jacqueline Millis, says “We would like to expand everything for our community. Allowing Sinclair students to volunteer, experiment, and network”. The group comes together twice a month at the minimum as well. 

Millis added, “I started this group because I wanted to create a community that would help others using our shared knowledge. I want to spark interest in others, and push to make things better for everyone”. 

The group is currently planning to go to Miracle Makers, a non for profit summer camp, and helping the kids do experiments. One of the main ideas is making ice cream using liquid nitrogen for them. ACS is also planning other volunteer positions to interact with people in schools. 

If you are interested please email sinclaircollegeacs@gmail.com. Meetings are flexible, and all ideas and people are welcome. 

(Featured image from Canva)

Written by Faith Harrell, Reporter