Writers Take Flight: Literary Magazine “Flights” is Now Available

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The 2020 issue of “Flights,” Sinclair’s premier literary magazine, is now available. The magazine, which is published annually, takes all types of work, from poetry to short stories and essays.

“Flights” has been in continual publication since it was founded in 1987 by then editor Ed Davis.

The paper’s current editor Kate Geiselman says that the magazine tends to shift focus from editor to editor. Geiselman who has been the magazine’s editor since 2013 says that she has tried to emphasize that “Flights” is more than just a student journal. Anyone can submit to it, though there is a preference to show work from within Sinclair itself. 

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Geiselman says that she tries to balance submissions out, with half of the works in the magazine from within Sinclair, one-third from local artists in the Miami Valley and the remainder are from various regions, sometimes across the globe. 

“We’ve had submissions from overseas before,” says Geiselman, “I just see what comes in. It’s more about keeping the quality high then where it came from.”

Despite this, Geiselman says that she wishes more students submitted work.  The quarantine in March caused an influx of work, but only a slight boost in student submissions. “Often, it’s just something Creative Writing teachers mention towards the end of the semester,” said Geiselman.

She also says she has never had a student submit artwork for the cover before, although it is an option.

Usually, Geiselman herself will commission a local artist to handle the cover.

The cover of the current issue was designed by local artist and founder of The Mosaic Institute of Greater Dayton Jes McMillan. It is modeled after her “9 Doves” mosaic, which was created as a tribute to victims of the Oregon District mass shooting that took place last year on Aug. 4.

(Image courtesy of “Flights” website and its creators)

The current issue of “Flights” along with the previous six issues can be found for free online. The magazine is also available for purchase in print. Due to complications brought on by COVID-19, supplies are limited.

Submissions for the 2021 edition of the magazine are open and will continue until May 15. You can keep updated by following their Twitter or Facebook.

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