Hispanic Heritage Festival & Rubber Duck Regatta

An example of what you can see from the Hispanic Heritage Festival. (Wikimedia Commons/ Hispanic Fiesta/Johnston St Fitzroy)

Hispanic culture is full of many traditions like dancing the bachata, a traditional dance in the Dominican Republic, delicious and spicy food and many holidays like Día de los Muertos, or “Day of the Dead,” a holiday in Mexico that honors the dead.

The term Hispanic describes cultures or countries that were once under Spanish rule; Mexico, Central America and a majority of South America, where Spanish is the primary language. Hispanic culture offers newcomers opportunities to learn from the long-lasting traditions and values held by their people. Hispanic culture tends to be family-oriented, hard-working and always knows how to celebrate when called for.

The Hispanic population in Ohio is the 23rd largest in the nation. About 395,000 Hispanics live in Ohio which makes up only 3% of Ohio’s population. The Hispanic population nationally is at 15% and is expected to grow to 25% by 2050.

The Hispanic Heritage Festival will offer Latin music and dancing, culturally accurate food, and chances to make memories. The festival will be taking place at Riverscape MetroPark at 111 E. Monument Avenue, on Saturday Sept. 14, 2019 from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. 

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An example of a Rubber Duck Regatta. (Pixabay)

The festival will also include the Dayton Hispanic Heritage Parade starting at 12 p.m. going from 2nd Street & Jefferson to Patterson then to Riverscape Metropark.

This year will be the Hispanic Heritage festival’s 19th year of celebration.

During the Hispanic Heritage Festival, you can participate in the Rubber Duck Regatta for United Rehabilitation Services (URS). The Rubber Duck Regatta for URS is an opportunity to donate to help local kids & adults with disabilities and an opportunity to win great prizes.

The URS Rubber Duck Regatta releases up to 20,000 rubber ducks in the Great Miami River and will race down the water. 

Ducks can be adopted for $5 or a Quack Pack of six ducks for $25. First place winners get a trip to Norris Lake while following winners can receive gift cards up to $1,000. 

Come out to the festival to share your Hispanic heritage, to learn about many other traditions, to try new delicious food, good music or to donate to a great cause.

There will be many activities awaiting you. Great music and dancing, a children’s area for face painting and games, Latin Karaoke, educational cultural displays, raffles, beer booths and a chance to play The Rubber Duck Regatta. Come down to the Hispanic Heritage Festival and enjoy the day with friends and family. 

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