A Look at Summer 2019 Fashion

We are just at the precipice of summer vacation for some and summer semester for others. Regardless of what direction you are choosing to take with your warmer months, it is always fun to stay at the forefront of what’s hip and trending.

Fashion for 2019 has marked a shift both saddening (with the death of Karl Lagerfeld) and uplifting, with women expressing a rebirth of freedom and femme power expressed through their wardrobe.


Fantastic Fringe

Designers like Tom Ford, Marcel Ostertag and Oscar de la Renta have reworked the classic western element into contemporary, ordinary wear for the summer.

Fringe is perfect for adding both flow and texture to a look and pairs well with more smooth, silky fabrics for a juxtaposed look.

Animated Animal Print

Whether faux or real, animal print never seems to stray too far out of style. Animal prints are having a comeback thanks to designers like Roberto Cavalli, Burberry and Gucci.

Take a walk on your wild side with cheetah, zebra and snakeskin.

Superb Shoulders

If your shoulders are one of your favorite features, summer is the season for you. While cold shoulder tops were center stage last year, one shoulder is in this summer.

This sizzling summer go-to is perfect for a trip to the beach or a date night in the city. Pairing this look with full-length denim or an ankle length skirt is a perfect way to balance out this asymmetrical look.

Synched Silhouettes

Skinny jeans have yet to make their way out of the Midwest fashion game, so the idea of tailored trousers, denim and shorts may not seem too innovative.

However, summer will be bringing these body-conscious bottoms to the forefront for 2019. This look is perfect for summery, flowing and sheer tops, creating an overall completed look.


Salacious Shorts

Men’s shorts have been taking on a more preppy appearance and this summer takes this to an all new level thanks to Miuccia Prada, Hermès and Jacquemus.

Whether you save this outfit for a beach vacation or feel brave enough to pull it off in the Dayton area, short shorts are the way to go. If you are willing to take this risk, opt for shorts in darker hues for a much less in-your-face appearance.

Bold Boots

Could there be a more perfect fit for a Midwestern guy? Your cowboy boots are more diverse than you can imagine this summer. This Ohio staple was seen in bold colors and patterns all over runways this past season and is a perfect addition if you don’t already own them.

If you are brave enough to test the waters boots in bold neons and animal prints are an added bonus to this summer trend.

Luminous Leather

The fabric of choice for men this summer may not be the most practical. Hints of leather, latex and vinyl appeared in designer shows like Maison Margiela and Calvin Klein.

This tricky style may be perfect in the form of pants or even a top next to softer fabrics like cotton on cooler summer nights.

New Nineties

The past few seasons have seen a rebirth of ’70s and ’80s and following suit for this summer is a renaissance of the ’90s. Wide leg pants, graphic band tees and bucket hats are the perfect summer accessory for men.

Think Johnny Depp in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. This more casual appearance is a resurgence of fashion moving from the streets to the runway.

James Novotny
Staff Writer

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