Sinclair Talks About Cuba and More!

   Every semester, Sinclair is home to an abundance of events, themed weeks and talks to help raise awareness, build community engagement and present students with new ideas.

   One of these events at Sinclair is the International Series. Each International Series event focuses on one country, and is usually hosted by one or two professors or Sinclair faculty who have visited and/or are knowledgeable about the chosen country. This series of talks, is a part of Sinclair Talks.

   Sinclair Talks is a series of events hosted by the Student and Community Engagement office., Tthe topics range in a variety from the International Series to many different types of guest speakers and presentations.

   The most recent International Series topic was Cuba, and the event took place on Oct. 17 in the basement of building eight. Two professors, Laurel Mayer and Derek Petrey, hosted the talk.

   The event started out with authentic Cuban music and a Cuban dish served to guests. Afterwards, Petrey and Mayer talked about the country overall, as well as their personal experiences visiting in past years.

   The professors shared many stories, pictures from their respective trips, and knowledge about the country’s history and current situation. Topics discussed ranged from the current political powers, how the country is working towards more self sustainability for food and some of the vast history of the country.

   In the next International Series professor Amanda Hayden will be talking about India, the event will be hosted in the same location on Nov. 14 from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.

   Next semester the International Series will feature talks on Scotland, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Italy. All information can be found on Sinclair’s event page.

   Other Sinclair Talks events this semester include Sinclair Talks: Why Democracy? on Oct. 22 presented by Laurel Mayer. And Sinclair Talks: The Importance of Holocaust Education and Reclaiming Religion from Intalerence and Violence, on Nov. 8 in the library Loggia.

   This event will be presented by professor Tim Martin and guest speaker Renate Frydman, as well as professor Amanda Hayden and Chaplain Larry Lindstrom.

   Sinclair Talks covers a variety of topics throughout each semester, each with different approaches and speakers. From Cuba and Zimbabwe, to democracy and the importance of holocaust education, and themed weeks such as Breast Cancer Awareness Week and Green Dot Week, Sinclair is full of events to choose from.

Cerridwyn Kuykendall
Managing Editor

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