Claude’s Column: What to expect from The Incredibles II

   Ever since the first Incredibles film enthralled both those young and young at heart in 2004, Pixar fans have been longing for a follow-up. After 14 years of waiting, this summer everyone’s favorite superhero family will make their triumphant return to theaters in the “Incredibles 2.”

   Since concept art and footage was released at Disney’s D23 expo back in July, fans have been eagerly awaiting a full trailer to the movie, hoping to get a bigger glimpse at the sequel.

   On Wednesday February 14, 2018, those hopes were realized when the first big sneak-peek for “Incredibles 2” was released during Olympics coverage on NBC. Unlike the first teaser back in November, this trailer gave a much clearer and broader look into the expanding world of our beloved heroes.

   Since this trailer was released, speculation has begun on the events of the film. And after close examination, I have discovered three key themes involving the Underminer, Elastigirl, and Mr. Incredible, that I believe will play major parts in the highly-anticipated sequel.

Underminer   First of all, we must keep in mind that the events of this film take place right where the first Incredibles movie left off. As the trailer begins, we hear the familiar voice of a mysterious villain. The Underminer, who briefly appeared at the end of the first movie, is then revealed ascending from his tank-like drill.

   However, if you look closely in one shot, you will notice that he is surrounded by rubble and wreckage, as opposed to the city he was previously attacking. Moments later, Mr. Incredible confronts this new villain this time inside a bank vault with the phrase, “We meet again.” This would imply that he and The Underminer have encountered each other in the past.

   So, either Mr. Incredible and this villain did battle in the past, possibly before the events of the first movie; or in a more likely scenario, the Underminer will appear more than once in the “Incredibles 2.” While his ultimate fate remains unknown, I believe we can safely assume that the Underminer could be the main villain of the “Incredibles 2,” or at least one of them.

   Secondly, it is quite well known that the “Incredibles 2” will focus on Helen Parr (Elastigirl), as confirmed by Brad Bird, who will be directing the sequel. From what we see in the trailer, she is hired by a company called DevTech, to help restore the public image of super-heroes. She is seen riding a motorbike, wearing a suit reminiscent of her old Elastigirl costume she dawned in the opening of the first movie back in 2004.

Elastigirl   Much like the first film focused on Mr. Incredible trying to relive the past, Elastigirl’s adventure might play out in a similar way. In the opening scene of the first Incredibles, Elastigirl is asked about settling down and responds with “Settle down, are you kidding? I’m at the top of my game.”

   Meanwhile Mr. Incredible is open to the idea of settling down and raising a family. As the movie progresses we see that Elastigirl, now Helen Parr, is the one dedicated to raising a family, while her husband bob, Mr. Incredible, misses the excitement of being a superhero.

   Now in this movie, the roles will be reversed yet again, with Helen in the center of the action, while Bob watches the kids as a stay-at-home dad. It interestingly mirrors the first movie, and will likely be the backbone of the plot.

   Which brings me to my final observation, regarding Bob’s adjustment to life as a stay-at-home father. Towards the end of the trailer, we witness Bob Parr attempting to keep the kids in check while his wife is away. Unfamiliar with all the duties of a full-time mother, Bob struggles to help and take care of Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack in their day-to-day problems.

   Things get crazier when he discovers that Baby Jack-Jack possesses super-powers, and doesn’t know how to control them. This concept for a movie is nothing new. This scenario has been adapted in films like “Mr. Mom,” “Three Men and a Baby” and “Cheaper by the Dozen.” This time however there’s a twist, they all have super powers.

Family   Much like the first one, this one is taking normal family situations like tough love, and throwing super powers into the mix. This will likely make for a more unique and entertaining movie.

   “The Incredibles 2” will hit theaters on June 15, 2018, and will definitely provide Avengers 3 with some competition this summer.  Promising a cool villain, great action and an interesting commentary on family life, hopefully this highly-anticipated super sequel lives up to the Incredible hype.

Samuel Claude
Contributing Writer

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