My Voice: The Tale of the Spring Break Worker

   Last week was that glorious respite of fun, friends and a lack of school or homework, known as spring break. The first week of March has always been a welcome break after midterms and the realization that this semester is already halfway over.

   For many it is a time for sun and frolic. Beach vacation get aways with nothing but time to truly cut loose and have the best kind of fun; the irresponsible kind.

   For me, not so much. The need for my bank account to grow and flourish won out against my desire to go to some spring-breaker location, and to dance at the bar while singing one of any number of pop hits.

   No, I chose to stay and work on campus, and that actually ended up being a vacation in its own regard. First off, most of the students that usually fill the halls of campus are gone. They’re partying all night and waking up at noon. During break, Sinclair is pretty much your wasteland oasis.

 b90c9d8a0b284f667444cfe4eed978a8--sinclair-tartan-1.jpg  Before your shift you can get breakfast and coffee from Starbucks, or the one cafeteria that’s open, but with no long lines or an overabundance of students. You walk through with ease as if Moses parted the sea.

   You work your shift and afterwards you can go to the vacant library to catch up, get ahead on school or click through the internet. With the computer pods on either side of you empty, you can just be alone with yourself, your thoughts or a clip of a goat headbutting a guy in the stomach!

   Finally, you can walk through the campus and admire how the sunlight peeks through the trees and buildings, throwing a beautifully haunting shadow over the manicured lawn, as a gentle, brisk breeze plays at your clothes.

   You stop at the steps of building ten to look at this truly picturesque site, taking it all in and thinking you are truly blessed to be in this time and moment. Wanting for nothing until your phone beeps and you see a picture of your friends on the beach, doing belly shots off girls one hundred times out of their league, with a caption saying “wish you were here, buddy!”

   After a slew of cuss words, you head home to get some sleep and do it all over again. At that moment you truly hate your friends, and the thoughts of them having horrible digestive problems on their break lulls you to sleep.

   Hope everyone had a great spring break, and friends that aren’t so obnoxious. Welcome back everyone and remember summer break is only two months away!

Justin A. Baker
Staff Writer

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