The Incredibles 2

   It has been over 14 years since Disney and Pixar released the first Incredibles movie. Fans wondered if a sequel would be made since the original ended on a cliff hanger. However, in November of 2017, the first look at “The Incredibles 2” was released to the public.

   The world of “The Incredibles” is one where superheros have been outlawed due to the collateral damage they caused over the years. It follows the Parr family: former superheroes Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, and their children Violet, Dash and Jack Jack.

   Mr. Incredible has the power of super strength, Elastigirl can stretch her body to many different proportions, Dash has super speed and Violet can turn invisible and create force fields.

   Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 11.52.30 AMAlmost all of the original voice actors are returning for their respective roles. This includes Samuel L. Jackson as Frozone, Greg T. Nelson as Mr. Incredible, Holly Hunter as Elastigirl, Sarah Vowell as Violet Parr and director Brad Bird as Edna Mode.

   The voice actor for Dash Parr is Huckleberry Milner, who is new to the cast due to the original actor, Spencer Fox, growing up.

   The first teaser trailer released to the public focused on the youngest Parr child, Jack Jack, who did not have as much screen time in the first movie as the others. From what the teaser trailer and full length trailer showed, it appears that there will be an emphasis on “Jack Jack” and his developing super powers.

   While the family believed he had no powers until the end of the first film, Jack Jack was shown to have the opposite in short film “Jack Jack Attack,” possessing many different powers such as self-combustion, shapeshifting, teleportation and laser vision, among others.

   The team behind the film stated that Jack Jack’s many powers represent the potential he has a young super.

   In the full length trailer, it starts by picking up where the first film ended. There are scenes showing the villain, The Underminer, who appears at the end of the first movie after Dash’s track competition.

   Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 11.53.35 AMThere is one scene where Mr. Incredible is reading a bedtime story to Jack Jack and is falling asleep while reading to him. This seems to indicate that Jack Jack is causing Mr. Incredible some stress.

   One scene shows Mr. Incredible trying to help Dash with his math homework. The trailer also shows Elastigirl as the one doing most of the hero work while Mr. Incredible stays at home and takes care of the children, a role reversal from the first movie.

   One of the new characters added in this movie is Winston Deaver, who is played by “Better Call Saul” star Bob Odenkirk. He is mentioned by Frozone as someone who wants to meet Mr. and Mrs. Incredible and “talk about hero stuff.” However, instead of wanting both of them, he only requests Mrs. Incredible for the hero work.

   This is similar to the first film when Syndrome only hired Mr. Incredible while Mrs. Incredible was left in the dark.

   At the end of the first movie, after the supers saved the city, it appeared that the civilians were accepting of them being back in public saving people. The second film seems to address the topic of how the superheroes will be allowed back in the public.

   There is a scene in the trailer of the family eating take-out while discussing this topic, and Mrs. Incredible mentions that hero work was illegal. Since Winston Deaver wants them for hero work, this might change during the progression of the movie.

   The movie’s release date is June 15, and fans are eagerly awaiting to return to their childhood and see their favorite superhero family back in action again.

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