A Quiet Place

   One of the more unique films to be released this year is “A Quiet Place.” The synopsis for the movie is a family living on a farm, who are bound to silence because of an evil force that will kill them if they make any type of sound.

   “A Quiet Place” opens this spring and provides a unique take on the horror genre, with a focus on nonverbal communication between characters. Itis scheduled to be released on April 6, 2018 in the United States.

   The trailer shows the family commuting on pathways of sand, and they are barefoot. Not only do they have sand pathways outside, but also patches of sand inside the house. They mostly likely do that to avoid stepping on the squeaky floorboards. The characters are shown eating soft food and playing a game of monopoly with wool pieces.

   Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 11.28.27 AMThe family communicates with sign language not only to stay safe, but also because the daughter in the movie is deaf. Since the characters do not speak, the actors convey their emotions and thoughts through their body language. You can see in their face when they are scared, or having a good time.

   There is no information on if the movie will have subtitles or not, however it most likely will since the actors use sign language.

   In the trailer, while the children are playing monopoly, the son accidentally knocks over a lantern, causing a loud crashing sound and the blanket to catch on fire. The father acts quickly to put out the fire, but that does not stop the evil force from approaching their house.

   There are shots in the trailer that indicates that the monsters have sharp claws. For example, there is a scene showing the staircase in the house and along the wall are three giant claw marks going up the entire length of the stairs.

   These claw marks appear to be old, suggesting the evil may have come before. Further supporting this, in the beginning of the trailer the daughter is seen walking towards what looks like a burial cross.

   Part of the mystery of the movie will be not knowing what the monsters actually look like, until the film is released.

   There is a string of normal lights outside the families house, but after the lantern falls, they can hear the monster on the roof and the string of lights turn a bright red. The lights changing indicates that the monster is nearby, and that they need to take cover. Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 11.31.18 AM

   The director of “A Quiet Place,” John Krasinski, also plays the father. He is described as being a survivalist who cares about the well being of his family. Emily Blunt plays the role of the mother. There is a scene in the trailer where she is sitting in the bathtub, scared and appears to be screaming. However, there is music playing and it doesn’t actually play the audio of her screaming.

   The son in the movie is played by Noah Jupe. Krasinski discovered Noah in his performances in the miniseries “The Night Manager,” and  “Suburbicon.”

   Probably the most unique character is the deaf daughter, played by Millicent Simmonds. She is actually deaf in real life. When thinking of who to play the daughter, Krasinski wanted an actual deaf person. He wanted someone who would make the experience even more real.

   The music in the movie is produced by Marco Beltrami, who has produced music for dozens of movies. He has done music for several horror films, including the “Scream” movies, “World War Z,” “The Woman in Black,” and 2017’s “Logan.”

   The movie will be pushing the realms of normal horrors in a variety of ways. With what looks to be a movie that will contain very little lines, actors will have to portray the story and plot through actions and expressions alone. Furthering this, the cast list has only eight people, about half of which are extras.

   All in all, “A Quiet Place” could create an entirely new genre of psychological horror.

Paige Rodgers

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