Horror films of 2017

The genre of horror films is expansive with different categories within the overarching structure of it. From slasher to paranormal, the list of horror movie sub genres is countless and has expanded the amount of films released. Every year, especially in the month of October, more horror films are added to the list, and this year is no exception.

On October 6 the movie, “Dementia 13,” is scheduled to be released. The premise of this movie is that this family is still struggling with the death of the youngest daughter. The family wants to sell the estate that the daughter died on, and that does not settle well with other family members. During a memorial service for her, the family is attacked by a mysterious serial killer. There is also a paranormal factor involving the dead daughter.

The mother suffers from Dementia, which is where the movie title comes from. This movie warps reality as the elderly mother of the dead child claims to see her and wants to spend time with her. The ghost of the dead child is after revenge on who killed her. It is a thriller and horror as they try to escape the clutches of the serial killer and ghost of the child.

One of the more well known horror movies coming out is “Happy Death Day,” which is scheduled to come out on Friday the 13. The movie revolves around Tree Gelbman, who relives the same day over and over. Every night a mysterious person with a mask kills her and she wakes up the same morning, with full conscious of what happened the previous night. She is on a mission to discover her killer and find out why this keeps happening to her. She tries to convince others around her that she is telling the truth and to help her stop the killer.

Madea is back in the sequel horror film, “Tyler Perry’s Boo 2! A Madea Halloween.” This movie is coming out on October 20, and is perfect for the person who loves comedy and horror.

In this film, Madea and friends are back and going to a haunted campground where people were murdered. They are on a mission to rescue their niece who is going with a bunch of college friends to the campground for a Halloween party. This movie has different horror movie tropes thrown in it such as “The Grudge,” “Friday the 13,” and slasher films.

One of the gorier films to hit the theaters this month is the movie “Jigsaw.” It is the eighth installment in the “Saw” franchise and will no doubt push the limits as this series always has. This film takes place ten years after the last film and the death of John Kramer. There has been a string of mysterious murders each with a jigsaw mark on the victims. There are clues left behind with the victims to lead the investigators to the hideout of the murderer. Will the cops get there in time to rescue more possible victims, or will they be too late to play the game? The movie hits theaters October 27.

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