A look at the Biz Fit Foundation

Please allow me the pleasure of introducing Credo Bizimana. He is a Sinclair student studying exercise science and is graduating at the end of this year.
Credo started his academic career at Chaminade-Julienne High School then went on to Wright State University for civil engineering. He liked the program but he knew he wanted to do something a little different and took a short break from academia.

He then enrolled at Sinclair Community College as an exercise science major knowing that he wanted to help people make healthy choices in their lives, but unlike most Sinclair students Credo has already begun to put his degree to work for him and the betterment of Dayton by founding the Biz Fit Foundation.

Established July 8, 2017, it is a non-profit organization centered on youth fitness and mentorship. Bizimana believes that obesity and unhealthy eating habits are learned behaviors and are extremely hard to correct as we get older, but if healthy routines and diets are implemented at a young age then a person is far more likely to follow these healthy lifestyles later in life.

Through his foundation he tries to instill hard work, determination and self-value/awareness in participants. He has been doing after school programs as well as pop-up fitness gatherings all over Ohio, mainly in the Dayton area.

His gatherings are a place where Dayton’s youth can socialize and learn about living a healthy lifestyle. Credo said a goal for his foundation is to become an international program, leaving no corners of the world untouched.

He plans on growing this program by word of mouth, as well as healthy advertising in media. He also plans to present the program to the Dayton city council as well as school boards to show them a cost effective way of positively influencing the healthy eating habits of today’s youth.

Another goal is to not only help today’s youth with healthy lifestyle habits but to mentor them and guide them to success in any endeavor they decide to accomplish.

Alongside with helping build his foundation, Credo is very active in Dayton’s political scene. He is currently on the point team for Commissioner Joey Williams’s re-election campaign.

Williams’s campaign focuses on improving jobs, safety and economic strength for the city of Dayton. Another priority of the campaign is the health and longevity of Dayton’s youth.

Camp times and availability are available online at bizfit.org or through Facebook, at Credo Bizimana Biz Fit Foundation.

Justin A. Baker
Staff Writer

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