Tuition increase necessary for proper growth

The Sinclair Community College Board of Trustees approved a 3.5 percent increase in tuition at their annual meeting on May 11.

Beginning in the fall, the college is escalating the cost of a credit hour to $48.20 for Montgomery County students. Out-of-county now pays a rate of $78.70 per credit hour and out-of-state and international students will fork over $156.20 a credit hour.

It’s understandable to feel upset at the increase, even if it’s just a $1.65 jump for Montgomery County residents. Being a broke college student that’s in debt, I can comprehend a slight feeling of irritation at the news of an increase.

One thing Sinclair students must remember, though, is that the cost of an education isn’t cheap. The cost of a 15-credit hour education at Sinclair in the fall is exactly $723. Spanned over three quarters and a year’s worth of education checks in at $2,169.

Since last Fall quarter, Sinclair’s credit hour cost has increased $3.20 for in-county residents, according to the Ohio Board of Regents website. When comparing Sinclair’s tuition rates to Cincinnati State Technical Institute, Sinclair dwarfs Cincinnati State by charging $34.80 less per credit hour. Over a span of 45 credit hours, Sinclair would save Cincinnati State students $1,566 a year.

Again, as a broke and debt-heavy 23-year-old, it’s seems fairly simple to roll with Sinclair. Busting out the checkbook three times a year to pay somewhat close to $500 to take classes I might not be particularly interested in can be brutal at times, but I’ve learned during my days at Sinclair that it’s all worth it.

That is what students must take away from their experience at the college: In order to get to where you want to be in life, you have to put yourself in the right position.

I’ve spent a lot of dollars at this school over the past few years and it’s been worth almost every penny. During our day in age, it’s a necessary task to find the right bargain and I truly believe Sinclair is one of the best values around.

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