“The Ruins” Blog: The Final Straw

Are you ready for another dose of “The Ruins” talk?
Well last week’s episode was more of a set up for what is going to happen on tonight’s show.

With both squads having seven players on each side, the Champions dominance over the Challengers was a lot of more visible. With a 5:3 ratio of men, favoring the Champions and the Challengers still having Casey on their squad, the Champions were at a clear advantage.

The Champions won another challenge, which basically meant that Casey was sticking around.

I feel like Casey should just leave. She’s not bringing anything to the table and even if she makes it to the final challenge, her presence almost guarantees that the Challengers will lose. She has no positive qualities that help the Challengers.

The Million Dollar Man, Cohutta, was finally taken down. He lost to Darrell, who is arguably the best man left on the show. Johanna was also sent home after losing the elimination to Sarah.

This is where things get juicy.

On the sneak preview at the end of the episode, they showed a lot of arguing going on in the house. Then, they show Darrell punching the crap out of someone. The guy who he’s punching is hard to see because Darrell is standing over him, but it is most likely Brad.

My question is what would provoke Darrell to fight anyone, let alone Brad. I’m not saying that Darrell is a pacifist, but at this point of the game – he has the most money banked – fighting someone should be last on his agenda. But, it looks like Darrell is definitely going home, which means he loses all the money he had won. Hopefully Brad didn’t fight back, because if he did the Challengers should just throw in the towel. Dunbar would be their only male and Casey is still on the squad which leaves them is a disarray.

This episode is sure to be one for the ages.

Stay tuned

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