Sinclair to host 20th annual Pre-Kwanzaa celebration

Sinclair Community College will host its 20th annual Pre-Kwanzaa Celebration on Nov. 21.  The celebration will share what Kwanzaa is, what it means to families and what it means to African culture, according to Chair of Psychology Boikai Twe.

“The pre-celebration is to prepare the community for the celebration of Kwanzaa which begins on Dec. 26,” Twe said.

Twe said that the celebration has an impact on those who attend.  People from many cultures or ethnicities have participated in past events, including Native Americans and students from Africa.

“It comes out of African-American culture, but it’s a celebration of all communities,” he said.

Twe describes Kwanzaa as a seven-day celebration of African-American culture, family and community.  Each day focuses on a different principle, including unity, self-determination, collective responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity and faith.  Twe said because the principles are humanistic in nature, they can be celebrated by anyone.

Twe said the celebration will be held on a Saturday evening so that families can come to the event together.

“If we had it during the week, it would be more difficult for families to attend,” Twe said.

The celebration will feature African drumming and dancing by Unconscious Realities, a Cleveland based group, and guest speaker Dr. Ivy Chevers, who is teaching a Rasta and Reggae class this winter.  There will also be a “Soul Food Dinner” as well as other music and guest artists.

The event is sponsored by Sinclair’s Cultural Diversity Committee, African-American Studies Program, African-American Culture Club and ABLE Youth Leadership Institute.  For more information, contact Dr. Boikai Twe at 512-2913 or

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