Students encouraged to give back

Sinclair Community College students wanting to give to their university now have an avenue to do so.

Students Support Sinclair – or S cubed – is a new initiative under the Advancement division that looks to encourage students to donate money to the college.

“We are trying to create a culture of student philanthropy on campus,” said Alumni Affairs manager Karen Usrey.

Tough economic times might make it hard to convince people to give, but even small donations can have a big impact.

“If every student gave $1, we could raise $24,000,” said Student Philanthropy Committee member Sherita Jackson. “This is a growing project and we are trying to get everyone involved.”

Four-year colleges benefit from alumni associations that bring in money from former students. Since many Sinclair students go on to earn degrees from these four-year universities, Sinclair does not always receive the same level of donations from former students. Usrey said the key is to not wait until a student becomes an alumnus to encourage donations.

“There is a continuum of giving,” Usrey said. “The point at which they are students is the beginning of that line.”

Many Sinclair students benefit from scholarship money to help fund their education. Usrey believes raising awareness about where that money comes from could encourage more students to give.

“There is actually a donor on the other end of that money,” Usrey said. “This will hopefully create that atmosphere of thankfulness and awareness of philanthropy.”

Donations will be accepted throughout spring quarter. Student clubs will compete to see who can raise the most money during Spring Fling on May 13.

“Whatever amount is raised by commencement, will be presented at the June commencement ceremony by a representative from the student class gift committee,” said Philanthropy Committee member Bill Ivan. “That money will support the general scholarship fund of the Sinclair Foundation.”

Students can give money at donation boxes in Aramark locations around campus or pick up a donation envelope from the Bursar’s office. For more information online, students can go to

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