Where in the world is Charles Rogers?

Something tells me Harrington didn't know what he was getting himself into.

Something tells me Harrington didn't know what he was getting himself into

Two months.  Two of the longest months in sports.  I’m talking about the dead-zone that one fan experiences between the Super Bowl and the NFL Draft.  

It’s never too early to dust up on the NFL Draft.  When the Detroit Lions use their number one selection to ruin another young man’s life, a smile will arrive across my face.  Not because of the flashbacks of Joey Harrington and Charles Rogers that will crop up in my head, but that the draft has finally begun.

The draft compels me to look toward the future and wonder who will be the next Tom Brady or Mike Mamula? It offers fans an opportunity to play the general manager of every franchise in the NFL.   With the popularity of both the NFL and college football, fans can watch the draft and pray that their favorite player from their favorite school doesn’t get drafted by the Dallas Cowboys.

Here is my first attempt at wrongly picking the top-ten selection in the 2009 NFL Draft.  A more in-depth version will follow:

1. Detroit Lions — QB, Matthew Stafford, Georgia.

2. St. Louis Rams — OT, Eugene Monroe, Virginia

3. Kansas City Chiefs — LB, Aaron Curry, Vanderbilt

4. Seattle Seahawks — OT, Andre Smith, Alabama

5. Cleveland Browns — CB, Malcolm Jenkins, Ohio State

6. Cincinnati Bengals — OT, Jason Smith, Baylor

7. Oakland Raiders — WR, Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech

8. Jacksonville Jaguars — LB, Rey Maualuga, Southern California

9. Green Bay Packers — CB, Vontae Davis, Illinois

10. San Francisco 49ers — DE/LB, Brian Orakpo, Texas

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