Potential softball team could arrive at Sinclair

Sinclair Community College athletic director Jack Giambrone is attempting to bring women’s softball to campus.

“The hottest talk about new athletics centers around women’s softball,” said Giambrone.  “It was proposed last year that we do this and I’m excited to see how it goes.”

Other OCCAC college’s field women’s softball and Giambrone believes Sinclair could compete immediately.

“It gives us another opportunity to have another sport in the spring.  It gives us an instant recruiting mechanism for student-athletes,” said Giambrone.

There would have to be several steps taken to promote women’s softball to a sport at Sinclair.  Giambrone said funding uniforms, travel expenses, equipment and insuring the players are a few of the several steps that need to be taken to bring softball to Sinclair.

“I think in today’s economic climate we may have to wait a little bit,” said Giambrone.  “The talent in the area is rich and the facilities are good.”

Giambrone said that bringing a softball team to Sinclair would be a positive.

“I would like to think that the percentages are a lot higher than fifty-fifty,” said Giambrone.  “It just fits so well with what we are trying to do.  It gives us an opportunity to recruit really good women student-athletes.”

Giambrone said there have been talks to bring other sports back, such as men’s golf.

“I would really like to bring back men’s golf because it fits our conference model,” said Giambrone.

Golf and men’s tennis were dropped two years ago due to budget cuts.  Women’s softball has never been available to Sinclair students.

“When we decide to add different sports teams, we have to make sure the model fits for us and the conference,” said Giambrone.

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