Nine theft prevention tips from the Sinclair Department of Public Safety

  • Book Theft is a problem. Make sure it will not happen to you. Protect your investment.
  • Each year, Sinclair Police take numerous book theft reports. This theft may be the most preventable crime occurring on any college campus, including Sinclair.
  • By using good judgment and a little extra effort, these thefts can be reduced.
  • Keep your books and other personal property in your possession
  • Unattended property tends to become lost or stolen.
  • Do not leave books unattended anywhere! This includes the Library, restrooms, lounges or vending and dining areas.
  • Mark your books so that only you can easily and readily identify them. Use a permanent marker. Open each book to a page with a significant number to you. Mark a distinctive and significant identifier along the inner binding of the book. Sinclair Police recommends using your Tartan Card number or your social security number.
  • If your book is ever stolen, or a dispute over ownership ever takes place, you have positive identification.
  • If your book is stolen, report the theft to Sinclair Police at 512-2700. Have as much information about the property as possible, including the exact title and author and any identifying marks. Sinclair Police will share the information with the Bookstore and other area book buyers.

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