My Voice: New Year’s Resolutions


As the new year progresses, the resolutions everyone has once again promised themselves are getting harder and harder to manage. Many times people create new goals and resolutions at the end of the year to better themselves in the upcoming months. Creating goals gives individuals an idea of their desired future and what actions they have to take in order to get there.

Some people make a promise to themselves that may be a little extreme, like to lose 100 pounds or to not spend money on themselves. While others have low expectations and choose a goal they know they won’t have to push themselves to reach.

In order to progress into a healthier and more positive lifestyle, everyone needs to keep their goals be realistic and attainable. Many goals that were once stated with positivity and high hopes in mind, have been banished to the bin of “try again next year.” Many people don’t understand that goals are made to be reached and can be updated once achieved. 

Goals work best when there are silver linings. Once a small goal is reached there is a reward and a new goal will replace the previous goal that has been surpassed. 

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Creating achievable goals will have a better impact and will improve the desired lifestyle. The forgotten goals everyone once had at the beginning of January should be brought back to their attention but modified into something that may be more achievable.

Creating achievable goals and easy goals are not the same thing. Creating a goal that has already been reached or can be reached without trying is not pushing the individual but holding them at a standstill. This will result in little to no progression. 

Creating goals is a fantastic idea and allows everyone the chance to feel accomplished and better about themselves. Achieving the desired goals will give everyone a sense of accomplishment and creates a positive attitude within a person, making the accomplishment of future goals feel more achievable but be careful and be realistic with your goals or you’ll only be hurting yourself.

Nikki Neumann

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