Jeri’s Jackpot: Post Christmas Critique: Weird Ornaments

A selection of weird ornaments found in a local Hobby Lobby. (Photo by Jeri Hensley)

We all like to decorate our tree for Christmas, and thankfully nowadays there are ornaments for almost every kind of tree imaginable. The bad side of this is that companies tend to turn anything into an ornament. 

Example? I went to the store a week or so before Christmas (I know, I know, I’m a late one) to get my yearly ornament for my tree. It’s a little tradition I have with myself to always get an ornament that sums up something significant that happened during the year. As I wandered the aisles, I found a lot of traditional ‘year achievement’ type ornaments. First child, engagement, new house, new dog. Then it started to get weird.

At first, it was just movie moment type ornaments. Star Wars, Batman, the usual suspects. Then things started to get really weird. There were dinosaurs and birds and a weird assortment of marine life (I got an Octopus but that’s beside the point). Next to that were candy themed ornaments of different shapes and sizes. 

However, these weren’t the weirdest ones I saw. Towards the end of the wall was a section of bright, colorful food-themed ornaments. Things like, bananas, oranges, tacos, avocado toast, hot dogs and pineapples, among others. They even had an assortment of breakfast foods. 

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This left me with one question. Well, it left me with a lot of questions, but mainly one big one. Why would someone buy a food-themed ornament? Or better yet, is there someone out there who decorates their entire tree with nothing but food ornaments? Maybe they’re a world-renowned chef who really likes food and thinks its funny. Or maybe it’s just someone who had a really good taco that one time down the street from work and wants to commemorate it with an ornament.

I’m not judging these people, per se, I’m just wondering what their motivation for owning such an ornament is. I want to know why they have a food ornament or a dinosaur ornament and do they have their whole tree like this or is it a one-off type deal? Do they really love food that much? Or really, is it all about the gag? Could these be options for gifts, maybe? 

Maybe ornaments like these have just as much sentimental value to those who buy them as any other ornament. The truth is, I may never know the reason why these ornaments exist, but all I know is, they’re weird, and in a strange way I love it.

Jeri Hensley

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