Here’s Henry: Fall is the Best Season

Everything has to be a competition. Cats vs Dogs, Pepsi vs Coke, Democrat vs Republican, as long as people roam the Earth, they are going to voice their opinion about something, labeling anything else that is different as “wrong.”

Why do we do it? Is it just a desperate ploy to have our voices heard and matter in the court of public opinion? Is it to make ourselves feel superior to those who are wrong? Or is it just a way to locate the only other sane people in the room so that we make new friends?

Perhaps it’s some amalgamation of all of those things, wrapped up in three words: it’s just fun!

Which is why today we’re debating which of the four seasons is the best and why it’s obviously fall.

Exhibit A: The weather.

One advantage fall has over every season is the very comfortable weather. Most days lie at the 50-70 degrees Fahrenheit range. It’s not as frigid as the winter months and isn’t uncomfortably hot like summer.

I can walk from the parking garage to the office in Building 6 without breaking a sweat or checking that my fingers aren’t frostbitten. Layering up is also an option and you can always channel your inner Kurt Cobain by wearing a nice flannel shirt. Compare it to summer, where ripping off your t-shirt in the middle of class in 90-degree weather is a bit frowned upon.

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Exhibit B: So much room for activities!

Fall is also that time of year when football makes its glorious return to fans. Saturdays and Sundays are filled with armchair quarterbacking, yelling at the refs and consuming all the party food your heart desires.

Yet there are other alternatives as well. The cold allows for bonfire season to begin, a wonderful fall tradition where friends sit in a circle with their only respite coming from a homemade fire, the smores created from said fire and the heartwarming tales and moments shared with each other.

Brisk walks through the woods are also the best during fall, as it isn’t too hot and the path is littered with beautiful brown, red and orange leaves.

Exhibit C: Halloween!

The crown jewel of the fall season is Halloween, the best holiday of the year. People walk the streets in costume, scary movies take over television and good lord you can have as much candy as you want.

The season also jumpstarts the entire holiday season, going from Halloween to Thanksgiving and finally Christmas. When looking forward to fall, you’re looking forward to every holiday by proxy.

Exhibit D: Food, glorious food

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, may I add the abundance of delicious food that is best during the fall months? It includes fruits such as apples, pears, pomegranates and oranges. Pumpkins (though I rue the day pumpkin spice coffee became a thing) and apple cider (especially the hot variety) are also staples of the season.

Also, for our age 21 and up readers, beer! Fall marks the time for Oktoberfest, the celebration of all things ale and bratwurst related. Oktoberfest brews are in season and taste great, as does the cavalcade of German foods such as Würstl, Brezen, Sauerkraut and Schweinebraten.

Here’s Buzzfeed’s take on Fall (BuzzFeedVideo/YouTube)

While summer is hot and miserable, spring gets too wet and sets off the landmine that is allergy season and winter comes in second place due to its potential for blizzards, fall stands tall above the rest as the best season of the year.

Henry Wolski
Associate Editor

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