• Tue. May 28th, 2024

Cuisine Chronicles With The Clarion: Halal Burgers

If you’re looking for a high quality, melt-in-your-mouth kind of burger, look no further than Halal Burgers. As soon as I entered the humble restaurant, which is connected to an Indo-Pak market, I was met with a savory scent and the sounds of sizzling meat. 

Abbad Tahir, one of the restaurant owners, spoke with me about why they saw Centerville as the perfect location for Halal Burgers.

“There is a big Muslim community here, but there are not a lot of halal places around, so we wanted a place where you can come get a good halal burger, and somewhere for our kids to be able to go,” he said.

Fortunately, the community saw, or rather, tasted, just how good the restaurant is. 

“We had a great response from all different kinds of people,” Tahir said.

As I ate my Signature Burger 2 and sipped on my flavor-bursting mango shake, I saw a diverse range of customers coming in for the halal and to shop in the market next door.

Commenting on the fact that Halal Burgers has become its own sort of melting pot, Tahir explained how food is a universal language, and that the restaurant is a perfect example of that language in action.

He said, “We get to know and understand people when we sit down over food. We might have grown up in different cultures, but we realize that we have a lot more in common with someone when we have a conversation.”

Halal Burgers is the perfect place to come and connect over a good burger or basket of wings.

In addition to concocting food that has a unique, yet satisfying flavor, along with the most crispy, well seasoned waffle fries, Halal Burgers makes it a priority to give back to the community.

“We try to take care of the community. We are sponsoring Centerville High School sports teams, and are able to provide them with free food,” Tahir said.

While the restaurant hopes to open more locations in the future, the primary goal right now is to keep their quality consistent.

“Many restaurants will open up and be really good but after a while their quality gets poor. We want people to have a place to go where they know they will be getting good quality meat,” he said.

Having just opened up in November of last year, and with an incredible response from the community, I’d say Halal Burgers is right on track to making their high quality food a must for families of all different backgrounds.

Their address, hours, and menu can be found on their website.

Macey Heys, Managing Editor