Interview with TikTok Star, Caoimhe Morris

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TikTok is a rapidly growing social media app, created when ByteDance, a Beijing-based company, spent $1 billion to purchase and merged their own app Douyin (Chinese: 抖音) with it. The new app was launched in 2017. Rising in popularity each year since. In 2019, CNET announced TikTok was the 7th most downloaded mobile app of the decade, from 2010 to 2019. 

It is a micro-video app, one where users create and share videos from 15 to 60 seconds. The editing features are leagues above the standard social media apps, more comparable to that of professional editing software. 1,000 of features, from instant eye recoloring to flaming backgrounds, all with a single click. The app has videos for anyone and everyone ranging from cooking, vlogging, comedy, music, politics, and cosplay.

I asked a TikToker I’ve been following if I could interview her, she said yes. She is Caoimhe Morris, @caoimhemorris on TikTok, who has 910.7 K followers and 23.9 million likes. She is a cosplayer, famous for creating and acting as her own characters.

* 3/21/20 Update, due to user scandals Caoimhe is no longer friends with @clapdaddie (Colton) or @infernumasylum (Ian). She is distancing her account from them both and no longer working with either.

McPherson: What would you like our readers to know about you?

Morris: I am a geeky girl that likes to dress up and act like other people. 

McPherson: How has your life changed because of this app?

Morris: I didn’t really notice how much this app had changed my life until I realized I only hang out with TikTokers now and not even on purpose. I literally have made so many amazing friends on this app and have had so many unforgettable experiences like traveling or getting to work with brands I never thought I would, overall I’m just so grateful for getting this far. 

McPherson: Is there anything you’d change if you were given a second chance?

Morris: I try not to live with regrets because they make you into the person you are.

McPherson: How do you edit so well?

Morris: I loved the creative field even when I was younger, I wanted to act, make films, draw basically do anything under the sun but I didn’t have the people to really put it together so I taught myself how to edit, film etc so I could just do it myself. 

McPherson: What has been the best moment you’ve had so far on the app?

Morris: The best moment I’ve had on this app is probably anytime in Aruba. Gil, Jayden, Colton, the twins, Ian, Gilean and everyone else in this little familia is amazing and to know that I didn’t know them a couple months ago is crazy because I feel like I’ve known them for so long at this point and memories we have created are unforgettable. 

A duet between TikTokers Colton and Caoimhe via TikTok.

McPherson: What has been the worst moment you’ve had so far on the app?

Morris: Probably when I put a lot of hard work into a video and no one sees it, that’s a little disheartening but it’s ok next video will be better. 

McPherson: Do you think the friendships you’ve made with other creators will last?

Morris: I hope so! I know some of us will drift apart but there are some that I am pretty sure will last a long time. 

McPherson: Are there any new original characters secrets you could share? Backstories, new characters?

Morris: I have a new character I’m working on where her band and her are cursed and anytime they play their music they turn into these “creatures” but apart from that new characters are still in the works. Secrets wise the only secret I can think of is a lot of people don’t know that Frenchie kisses her victims on the cheek after she kills them. [Frenchie is Caoimhe’s mafia character.]

McPherson: Do you see yourself moving into more social media apps anytime soon?

Morris: Probably I would love to do more YouTube stuff but I think right now TikTok is good enough for me!

LeAnne McPherson
Multimedia Specialist & Reporter

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