Poppy Splits From Titanic Sinclair

Poppy in her video for "X." (YouTube/Poppy)

Poppy, the artful and creepy experiential YouTuber turned musician has publicly split from her director, creative partner, and alleged boyfriend Titanic Sinclair. Poppy rose to mainstream internet fame around 2016 when PewDiePie reacted to her videos in a video of his own.

The task of explaining what exactly Poppy is a grueling one. She’s a character whose style was very innocent, kawaii and bubblegum pop until this year. Her videos feel hypnotic with their insanity.

Anything can happen, from 10 minutes of her literally only saying, “I’m Poppy” to her interviewing her best friend, a mannequin. Viewers can begin to see that the videos have a creepy under layer to them. Things seem off; numbers keep appearing, things glitch, and Poppy begins to sound like she’s crying for help. That’s where the fun of being a fan of Poppy begins, being able to theorize what’s happening, it’s exhilarating.

However, this is real. Moriah Rose Pereira, the actress who plays Poppy, is claiming Titanic Sinclair (Legal name: Corey Michael Mixter) has abused her, in a public statement made on Dec. 28, Poppy wrote, “I was a person who suffered similar wrongdoings as one of his former partners brought to light,” which, many have taken to be a direct comment on the 2018 Mars Argo lawsuit. Mars was Titanic’s former creative partner and girlfriend who sued him based on abuse and sued Poppy for copyright infringement.

The news was sparked by Poppy unfollowing Titanic on all social media a few days before the public statement, as fans became quick to run wild with conspiracy theories. Titanic later did the same, unfollowing and deleting every photo of Poppy.

Then on Dec. 7, 2019, Poppy removed the directing credits for Sinclair from many of her YouTube videos. Shortly after the deleting, rapper Ghostemane revealed that he and Poppy had begun a romantic relationship.

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This Dec. 28, 2019 tweet shows three screenshots of Poppy’s Instagram story explaining the situation. (Twitter @poppy)

A transcript of the above screenshots:

“To whom it may concern,

I grappled with the thought of making this statement but I decided to set the record straight.

As some of you know, my former creative partner and I have parted ways. This was a long time coming but this is a person whom I defended in the past because I thought he was misunderstood. The reason I am making this statement is due to the amount of misinformation online about me and my character and I owe it to myself to clear a few things up.

I met this person at a young age and things were seemingly good for a while until echoes from his past were too loud to ignore.

I was never ‘an accomplice’ to this person’s past actions like some believe – I was a person who suffered similar wrong doings as one of his former partners brought to light.

This person glamorizes suicide and has used it many times in the past to manipulate me. And the last time I finally had enough.

As a grab for attention he messaged fans before he tried hanging himself while I was on tour with an item that belonged to me. These are tactics that he used for years. This person lives in an illusion that he is a gift to this Earth. He weaved himself into a storyline, wanting the public to believe he was a puppeteer, which is so far from the truth.

In light of recent events brought to my attention, he is already quick to jump in and use my former friends as his next experiment, repeating manipulative patterns he has for years.

I was trapped in a mess that I needed to dig my way out of – and like I always do, I figured out a way to handle it. I encourage those of you who feel trapped in a situation, whether it be similar to my previous one or not – to take the first step because that is the most difficult one.

This is not a request for sympathy and I am not a weak victim, but this is me setting the record straight.

I am happier than I have ever been and I am excited to move forward.”

A selection of some of Poppy’s notable songs.

Fans cheered on Poppy, starting the hashtag #TitanicSinclairIsOverParty in which they spread the word of her statement, showed support and admiration for her, and shared memes making fun of the alleged abuser.

People have criticized Poppy for victim-blaming Mars back in 2018, others have speculated that Titanic might have forced her to. Poppy’s tour is still on schedule and publically she seems to be fine.

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