My Voice: WrestleMania

There is no event on the face of the Earth that brings people from every corner of the world together for one grand spectacle like WrestleMania.

For fans of professional wrestling; past & present, there are so many words to describe the event known as WrestleMania. From spectacle to historic, you could write an entire dictionary on the word, WrestleMania.

But, the word that I am going to use to describe WrestleMania is experience.

WrestleMania began as a small event in New York City and over its 35 year history has grown to be one of the biggest sports events in the world.

Over its 35 year history, WrestleMania has also grown into being longer than just a one-day event. Over its three decade lineage, WrestleMania Sunday has evolved into WrestleMania week.

WrestleMania week begins with the bright young stars of NXT, WWE’s development brand, as they participate in the NXT equivalent of WrestleMania, the NXT TakeOver event.

They put on one of the best shows of the week as the young stars put everything on the line to prove they belong within the same lights of the big stars.

Then, it shifts from the future to the past as legends take their rightful place into immortality as they are inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, men & women who paved the way for today’s stars and the future stars to come.

Then, it comes to the moment that fans mark on their calendar each year, WrestleMania. Stars from the past, present and future all seek to make a name for themselves on the biggest stage of them all.

It all started by selling out arenas across North America. WrestleMania has grown to now sell out 80 thousand seat stadiums across the United States. These stadiums are filled with fans from over 100 countries around the world.

Strangers walk into those stadiums not knowing what is about to happen. But, by the end of the night, they walk out as the closest of friends. The emotion is at its ultimate peak and the crowd is on the edge of its seat for every moment.

WrestleMania brings out the emotion and passion in both hardcore and casual fans unlike any other event around the world.

Having attended the last two WrestleManias, I felt the emotion, the passion, the atmosphere from all of the 80 thousand plus fans in the stadiums. Being able to breathe in the smoke from the pyrotechnics and losing your voice from screaming, makes WrestleMania an event unlike any other event. However, WrestleMania week does not end there.

It continues with the aftermath on WWE’s Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live. Arguably the biggest Raw and SmackDown episodes of the year brings the passionate fans from WrestleMania back to the arena of the city hosting WrestleMania.

The night after WrestleMania is full of excitement and unexpected moments that occasionally rival that of the WrestleMania event itself.

The night after WrestleMania promises  returns from stars who either were on the shelf due to injuries, or on a long hiatus away from the company. The Raw & SmackDown after WrestleMania continues an already excitement filled fanbase and kicks it into overdrive.

WrestleMania is an experience unlike any other. The lights, the pyro, the action, the excitement and the moments all jam-packed into one incredible week. That is why I believe that WrestleMania is a must-see, once in a lifetime event for a wrestling fan.

David Jacobus
Staff Writer

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