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Located at 12 S Ludlow St., not too far from Sinclair’s Dayton campus, is the Edward A. Dixon Art Gallery. My poetry class visited the gallery with the assignment of finding a piece to inspire one of our poems, and there was no lack of inspiration.

With so much diverse art, it is safe to say that there is something for everyone. Erica Arndts is one artist from the gallery whose work was diverse in and of itself. Arndts’ work ranged widely in terms of style as well as subject.

The first pieces by Arndts that caught my attention were the large canvases of green and purple pop art showing off famous musicians such as Janis Joplin and Frank Zappa. 

The paintings were done in such a way that the most subtle details gave away the identity of the subject, such as Joplin’s squinty eyes and wide smile or Zappa’s infamous mustache and dark eyebrows. One does not see tiny lines drawn that present every detail of the musician’s face, but there is no doubt about who it is.

Arndts also has a collection of work at the gallery portraying the complexity and strength of Native American culture. In one piece titled “Founding Fathers,” the golden background becomes much more when one notices the mountains, horses, wolves, eagles and buffalo hiding in the brush strokes.

(Edward A. Dixon Gallery/YouTube)

The Native American art and the art portraying famous musicians are done in a different style which helps the viewer feel differently in regards to the subject.

The gallery’s website states that it is a “gallery specializing in the exhibition, education, appreciation and sale of International Fine Art.” There are art pieces from the United States, Cuba, Nigeria, France, Germany and the Philippines present there.

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The two pieces from Nigeria at the time that my class visited the gallery were titled “Jazz #2” and “Jazz #5.” The jazz playing in the background during our visit really helped these pieces come to life. These pieces were painted in such a way that the paint was nearly standing off the canvas.

No description or photos can do these works justice. It is best experienced by seeing it first hand.

The gallery has many different media and styles, including those that do not necessarily fit into any specific category. The works at the gallery are for sale and some have smaller prints or magnets of the bigger pieces.

The Edward A. Dixon Art Gallery is open to the public from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Thursday, and from 12-4 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.

For more information on this spectacular gallery, check out their YouTube channel.
(Edward A. Dixon Gallery/YouTube)

The gallery has been open for two years and in that time many exciting events have taken place such as live model drawings, Jazz nights, as well as a pop-up event with Beatles animator Ron Campbell. Their Facebook page has future events for those who are interested.

Hannah Shafer