• Tue. May 28th, 2024

Attention Pet Owners: Veterinary Services Offered at Sinclair

Do you have a loving pet that you want to ensure their safety? Are you struggling to provide
care to your pets due to financial hardship? If so, get ready for Friday, March 24. Veterinary
Technology faculty and students are here to help.

They will provide:
● Core prevention care vaccinations
● Deworming medication
● Simple grooming assistance (nails, ears, and anal glands)
● A free physical exam to a limited number of pets

The Sinclair Veterinary Technology Mobile Vet Clinic states their mission is to “help you and
your pets live longer, healthier lives through preventive care education and service.” All you
have to do is visit the Veterinary Technology Webpage and fill out a care application. This
application consists of basic questions that you can fill out within minutes.

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“I think it is so awesome what they are doing. Everything is so expensive nowadays and unfortunately some people simply can’t provide for their animals anymore so they have to get rid of them. It’s a shame honestly but I’m glad there are people and organizations out there that want to help and are actually doing something about it like what the Veterinary Technology Mobile Vet Clinic is offering. I plan on getting my dog registered, I think everyone who is in a similar situation as I am should. If help is being offered, might as well accept it,” said Christopher Maze an Engineer Major at Sinclair.

Ensuring that your pets are well taken care of is critical for their health. Without the proper
treatment, your pet’s lives could be in vain. Want to still get involved but don’t have a pet? Now you can donate to the vet tech fund here at Sinclair. The Vet Clinic started a scholarship fund with the Sinclair foundation to help with the cost of the program.

This includes a Vet Tech Prep Course designed to help students pass the VTNE (Veterinary Technician National Exam.) Donations also go towards educational field trips, stethoscopes, scholarships, and funding for vaccine clinics and spray/neuter clinics. This will help provide more clinical experiences for students.

For information about registering your pet, or donating to the Vet Tech Fund please email the
department at vettech@sinclair.edu and visit the website.

Sophie Hegyi