Innovation of the Year Award

Since its inception in 1887, Sinclair Community College has garnered numerous awards spanning across several categories. However few are of as much prestige as the lucrative Innovation of the Year award.

For 30 plus years, this award has been bestowed by the League for Innovation in the Community College to college staff members who display innovative capstone achievements or ideas to improve the community college industry as a whole. 

There are many categories from which the winning innovations can emerge from. Such categories include basic skills and developmental education, leadership and organization, student services and activities, learning and teaching, along with several others. The winners are picked based on the quality, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, replication, creativity and timeliness of the idea. 

There have been many winners over the years. One such winner is Richard Mitchell back in 2015.

The award has witnessed many winners from far and wide. However, few if any have been involved as long as Sinclair Community College. As of 2019, Sinclair is proud to have been apart of the League for Innovation in the Community College for 30 years. 

In that time, Sinclair has spawned countless brilliant innovations, such as the Career Community Aligned Holistic Advising and Mathematical Pathway to Success for Art Majors just to name a few.

 In 2019, Sinclair’s Math department was awarded for its latest innovative idea, Pre-Requisite Remediation in Mathematics. The geniuses behind this idea will be presented with their award on Sept. 13 at the annual faculty recognition ceremony in Building 12.

The staff and students of Sinclair, along with all the other colleges who participated in this award should feel proud and encouraged by their efforts to join together and improve the lives of students and teachers alike. 

Samuel J. Claude
Managing Editor

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