• Tue. May 28th, 2024

Poetry with The Clarion: March Edition

“Mount Kurama” by Edwin Nagasawa, Creative Writing graduate

The moon quietly

Ascends over Kurama

Nary a whisper

Can be heard upon the mount

Gloam blankets it with shadows

“Ritual” by Ali Ashhar, poet, short story writer, columnist

It’s the month of october and the transition

is up for the day, the chirping birds witness

desolate leaves at the onset of fall season. Beyond 

the aloof horizon belies a vibrant ray of hope;

the caretaker’s metaphors get busy in bridging

the gap between the inner voice and the outer discord, 

the syllables get heavy in the contemporary weather 

for they carry the onus of vacant melodies 

from erstwhile summer. The breeze of conscience around

the garden leads to a boulevard where fellow caretakers 

vie for utopia; they follow a ritual in the toughest of times

they profess what comes easiest to them—enlighten the dark ambiance.

“Authority Issues” by M. M. McGowan, Creative Writing student

You know, I was about to do 

The thing you just outlined;

Then you had to go and say it,

Now I’ve changed my mind.

“Life is good” by Macey Heys, Creative Writing student

Life is good today. The sun winks through branches; the veins of the sky. And in my body the blood runs and in my body the lungs ache for spring air as I sprint through the woods admiring how my limbs move and sway and bend. The breeze and birds remind me… live

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