Tartan Spotlight: Gabby Turner

Meet Gabby Turner, a communications major at Sinclair Community College. Turner has been attending Sinclair for about two years and is involved in a wide variety of activities that coincide with her many interests and goals.

Turner hopes to go to Central State University or Wright State University after she obtains her associate’s degree in communication and is interested in being a producer or a social media director for a company.

“I really couldn’t find anything that I liked, so I decided communications because it was a big umbrella of things,” Turner said. “You can do a whole bunch of stuff, like you can be a school counselor, a teacher, a producer or you can just have a whole bunch of things to do.”

In order to make these dreams a reality, Turner works three jobs which include working at Miami Valley Hospital cleaning surgery rooms, DoorDash and working on the social media account for Soccer Shots, an international soccer company for children.

“I’m just trying to see what I like, pretty much.” Turner said.

On the side, Turner has a YouTube channel, her own podcast and hip hop dances. Turner’s YouTube channel and her podcast both sit on a scale that balance one another out; on her podcast, Turner tries to aim for research-based subjects that include both local and national news, such as the heartbeat bill here in Ohio and the new black Ariel in “The Little Mermaid.” 

On her YouTube channel, Turner does fun challenges, such as “Who knows me better, my girlfriend or my best friend?” so her audience members can get to know her better.

“For YouTube, I just try to make sure that I can, not even compete with other YouTubers, but that I can be in the same space and that I can be a voice to my audience and to other audiences,” Turner said.

“For the podcast, I try to cover current events and hard topics…tying it into the black community because I want to be a voice for the black community but also making it national. Not only black people have to listen, it can be widespread.”

Turner wants to travel as well, she recently went on a trip to the Dominican Republic with her family and said she can’t wait to travel everywhere else.

Yasel Rosado

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