WWE Raw Review 3/11/19

   Raw was live last night in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The previous night at Fastlane, The Shield caused mayhem and destruction for one last time as Seth Rollins sets his eyes set on WrestleMania.

   Also, even with the interference of Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch is now added to the Raw Women’s Championship match at WrestleMania. With WrestleMania is a little over three weeks away, who is going punch their ticket to the grandest stage of them all?

   Raw kicked off with The Shield to give their farewell address. Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose one last time do their send off with Seth Rollins as Seth’s prepares for the Beast, Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania.

   As Seth gazed at the WrestleMania, the voice of Paul Heyman rattled the arena. Paul stated that there have been men to step up to Brock, but none of them have been able to take the beast down. These guys included the likes of Braun Strowman, Kane, The Undertaker and Goldberg.

   However, Seth agrees with the statement, but he states that when he faces guys that are similar to his stature like AJ Styles, Finn Balor and Daniel Bryan, Brock struggles. He gets taken to the limit by the smaller guys that have the speed, the ability to slay the Beast.

   Paul responds that Brock had little time to prepare for each of those opponents. That is why he shows a retrospective of the destruction that Brock has created in his past. He states that Seth does not know Brock Lesnar. Then, Brock Lesnar’s former tag team partner from his developmental days, Shelton Benjamin came out and attack Seth Rollins with German Suplexes.

Shelton Benjamin v. Seth Rollins

   After the attack, the match was made official between the two. Paul Heyman decided to stay and do commentary. He stated that Brock Lesnar will be on Raw next week to answer questions there might be regarding WrestleMania.

   Back to the action, it was a highly competitive very intense match. Seth Rollins was able to overcome the pain to defeat Shelton Benjamin with the Stomp. After the match, Seth Rollins locked eyes with Paul Heyman knowing WrestleMania is getting closer and closer each day.

Finn Balor v. Bobby Lashley: Intercontinental Championship

   Since Lio Rush was the one pinned and not Bobby Lashley to lose the Intercontinental Championship, he was award this opportunity to win it back.

   The winner of this match will most likely go to WrestleMania as the Intercontinental Champion. Finn looked to be closing in on a successful title defense, but for some reason, the bell rang.

   It was Lio Rush ringing it, distracting Finn. Finn looked to ignore the distraction and hit a big jump on Bobby, but Lashley speared Finn in mid air to for the pin and the win. Bobby Lashley regained the Intercontinental Championship.

Ronda Rousey Explains Her Actions At Fastlane

   Last night, Ronda intentionally attacked Becky Lynch to get Charlotte disqualified. Just to make sure that Becky gets added to the match at WrestleMania.

   Ronda explains that she got Becky disqualified because she wants to expose and embarrass Becky and Charlotte at WrestleMania. She lashed out against the WWE Universe calling them all cowards and pathetic and at WrestleMania, she will prove to all of them that her message of destroying the WWE Women’s division.

   Dana Brooke then came out and gave a heartfelt speech on trying to find a chance. She states that she has worked and strived for an opportunity and after a pay per view, Ronda opens a challenge for any woman in the back. However, Ronda attacked Dana and attempted to lock her in the armbar. She then went rogue and slapped an official. Ronda has her eyes set on one thing, embarrassing Becky Lynch and Charlotte at WrestleMania.

Aleister Black & Ricochet v. Chad Gable & Bobby Roode

   Last night, both teams were unsuccessful at defeating The Revival for the Tag Team Championships. Each team wants to send a message to The Revival on why they are still contenders.

   Each team gave it all in a competitive tag team match. However, the team that has been continuing to pick up momentum took control of this match. Ricochet and Aleister Black was able to pick up the win after Aleister hit Bobby Roode with the Black Mass.

   After the match, The Revival attacked Ricochet and Aleister from behind. They locked eyes with Roode & Gable before fleeing the scene.

Alexa Bliss Reveals the Host of WrestleMania

   Alexa Bliss hosts “A Moment of Bliss” to reveal who is going to host this year’s WrestleMania. She runs through the list of who has previously hosted WrestleMania and she states they will top all of them.

   She reveals that the host of WrestleMania is… Alexa Bliss. Alexa will be hosting this year’s WrestleMania from Metlife Stadium in less than 4 weeks. She vows to make sure this year’s event is the greatest of all time.

Elias Returns Home

   In front of his hometown crowd in the Steel City, Elias returns to call all of them a worthless form of space. He continues to trash the city of Pittsburgh including bringing up the Antonio Brown trade that was heard around the world, especially in Pittsburgh.

   No Way Jose with his new hairstyle, came out with his conga line to interrupt Elias. Elias would have none of the interruption and attacked and laid out No Way Jose.

Nia Jax v. Natalya

   Last night at Fastlane, Nia Jax & Tamina was unsuccessful at winning the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships. Then, the two attacked Beth Phoenix and Natalya. This match is for Natalya to get some revenge on the two who left them laying at Fastlane.

   Natalya did not come alone however as she brought Beth Phoenix to even the odds. As fast as the match began it was over as Beth wanted a piece of Nia. She and Natalya sent Nia and Tamina running where they were met by Bayley and Sasha Banks. The two teams brawled and had to be broken up by officials and security. WrestleMania is approaching because boiling points are rising and boiling over.

Batista and Triple H: Face to Face

   After weeks of mind games and hiding behind cameras, Triple H and Batista go face to face in the ring.

   Triple H storms the ring not as the business man but as himself ready for a fight and to get his hands on Batista. Batista came out but not by himself. He came out with personal security to separate himself from Triple H.

   Batista stood on the top of the ramp protected by his security. Batista states that he knows better because he has learned from the best. He says he controls this situation until he gets what he wants.

   Triple H states he will not give him anything because he has not earned anything. The two continue throwing jabs until Batista gets what he wants.

   Batista just wants one last match with The Game at WrestleMania. Triple H accepts the challenge. However, Batista states that it will be his last match to end Triple H’s career. Triple H stated that the match with Batista at WrestleMania is what he wants. However, Triple H adds that the match is going to be No Holds Barred.

Kurt Angle Returns Home to Reveal His Future

   Kurt Angle over the last few months has been contemplating his career.  Its a career that is one of the best of all time. Kurt Angle has been wrestling for over 20 years and even won a Gold Medal in the 1996 Olympic Games with a broken freakin’ neck.

   In his hometown, he announced that at WrestleMania, it will be Kurt Angle’s farewell match. He thanked the WWE Universe and thanked them for their love and support over the past 20 plus years. He then opened a challenge so that he has one last match in his hometown, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Kurt Angle v. Apollo Crews

   Apollo Crews answered Kurt Angle’s challenge. Apollo has looked up to Kurt since he was a child and it fulfills his dream to wrestle his hero.

   The two had a really good match. Each putting emotions on the side to make this last match the best it can be. Kurt was able to make his last match in Pittsburgh memorable after picking up the win over Apollo. Kurt Angle salutes his hometown crowd and thanks them for being his home.

Roman Reigns v. Baron Corbin

   Roman Reigns returned to ring with a bang after he and his Shield brothers took out Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley & Drew McIntyre at Fastlane. Roman Reigns now stands alone once again and returns to singles competition against Baron Corbin.

   Before the match could begin, Drew McIntyre attacked Roman from outta nowhere. Roman attempted to put up a fight, but Drew continued the onslaught with two Claymore kicks including one bouncing Roman’s skull off the ring post.

   After the attack, medical staff and Seth Rollins went to check on Roman and his mindset. Roman seemed out of it after the kick on the ring post. This seemed to be a possible concussion to Roman Reigns by the attention of the medical staff.

Dean Ambrose v. Drew McIntyre: Falls Count Anywhere

   As Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose helped Roman to the back, Dean met Triple H in the back and demanded to have a match with Drew McIntyre right then and there in a falls count anywhere.

   The two brawled all around and all over the arena. From fighting on top of the stage and then throughout the crowd. Each man used their environment to their advantage to get the best of each other. Dean wanted to get his revenge on Drew not only for himself but for his injured brother.

   However, Drew McIntyre used his viciousness to get the best of Dean Ambrose for the win. After the match, Drew pointed at the WrestleMania sign, however Dean crawled for more, but Drew laid him out.


   This was a jam packed episode of Monday Night Raw. Batista and Triple H will battle at WrestleMania. Kurt Angle will wrestle his last match at WrestleMania. Drew McIntyre is leaning towards a WrestleMania battle against Roman Reigns. Not to mention there was a crowing of a new Intercontinental Champion.

David Jacobus
Staff Writer 

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