• Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

Winter…a season that brings about several mixed feelings. On one side, winter brings about beautiful lights and festive holidays. Then on the other side, it also brings about icy roads and extremely cold weather. 

Navigating the season and all the emotions and safety concerns that come with it is an ongoing journey, especially in Ohio. So, in true Clarion fashion, we interviewed students to provide their insights. Let’s learn from one another how to stay safe in winter weather. 

People’s emotions usually cover the spectrum when it comes to their feelings about winter. I’ve heard it all from not liking the cold winter weather, to feelings of boredom and loneliness, to feelings of excitement and happiness. No matter where your feelings lie when it comes to winter, we all have safety concerns about the weather.

Riley, who is studying Digital Marketing Analytics, shared with me that happiness comes to his mind when he thinks about the cold season. He stated, “I love the winter.” Even with his positive feelings towards winter Riley still had safety concerns. Riley shared that the icy roads are a big safety concern for him. 

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“I have about a 20-minute commute sometimes. So, I see roads can really cause traffic buildup and really dangerous conditions,” he said.

Diana, a Culinary Arts student, had similar concerns.

She said, “Definitely the ice on the roads. That was my number one concern this winter.” 

Jancee, a Finance student, was most concerned by how windy it gets during the winter. 

Then Tamya, who is studying Business Administration, pointed out not only traffic as a concern but also the homeless situation. She replied that, “It is getting really cold out and there’s not much shelter.”

So, with these safety concerns and dozens more like them, what’s the solution? How does one stay safe in winter weather? Well, here are 3 tips from fellow Tartans to get us on the right path:

  1. Bundle up. Make sure to have gloves, hat, scarf, boots and a coat.
  2. Focus. Drive slowly and carefully. Don’t be distracted, especially with the varying road conditions.
  3. Prepare. For example, put salt out around your home.

These are just a few of the many ways to take precautions this winter.

April Littleton, Reporter

(Featured Image by Macey Heys)